Lauren Batchelder – What Have You Done?

Posted October 13th, 2015 by Iron Mike

The young always have ‘all the answers’. A young Jeb Bush intern attempts some Dick Tuck skulduggery – only to be outed by Breitbart,…
Lauren Batchelder baits Trump

– but not before CNN gleefully bought it and ran with it!

Seems young Miss Lauren is an intern for US Senator Kelly Ayotte, a fan of John McCain, and an intern working on Jeb Bush’s campaign.

Lauren Linked In to Jeb Bush

So we should ask if this was HER brainstorm, – or did Mister 4% Jeb send her in to derail the Trump Locomotive…?

Lauren Batchelder Jeb Bush best boss ever

Was CNN in on the plot? She was certainly seated at exactly the right spot for the camera…

Lauren, did you sell your political soul for a fleeting moment of fame,  – or are you a true Bush Believer? After today, – no Conservative will ever be able to trust you again.  Was it worth it?

And all Americans should thank the dedicated staff of Breitbart for being alert and for spotting and exposing this pretty young FRAUD!

Lauren Batchelder Political Groupie

Lauren, – it’s self-serving young idiots like you who enable the RiNOs and the Democrats,  – and who turn good people away from politics; 

 – because you prove on a daily basis that you are for sale,  – sometimes just for flattery or attention.

Lauren Batchelder cheap whore

UPDATE:   1:45 PM Tuesday 13 Oct 2015   You ~ would think ~ that by mid-afternoon there would be some word from the 4% Jebster…. You’d think….

Jeb hugging Lauren Batchelder

Here she is hangin’ with RiNO Lindsey Graham…  RiNO Groupie?

Lauren Batchelder with Lindsey Graham

UPDATE:   Wed 14 Oct 2014   Well this didn’t take long – somebody turned our little Groupie into a YouTube parody…(Tee Hee!)

Mom & Dad must be so proud….



UPDATE:   Friday 9 Dec 2016   Woke up this morning and saw this 14-month old story had gotten a lot of hits overnight.   Discovered the Post was recycling “victim stories” – since they don’t want to report all the positive Trump news.

So now the Jeb Bush campaign operative is a “victim”…?  Spare us!

If you came here curious from reading the Post,  – go back and notice how the Post failed to mention ANYTHING about her political campaign operative experience working for Jeb.

In the Post story she’s just ‘an innocent young college student who asked an innocent question’… Any wonder people don’t trust the Media after this campaign?

13 Responses to “Lauren Batchelder – What Have You Done?”

  1. Lonnie Brennan

    What? Another RINO trickster from 4% Bush?
    Bush is dirty dirty. He’ll dump a bucket load ($150 million) on Trump in dirty tricks.
    This is JUST the warm-up act.

  2. Tom Gilroy

    I remember that someone told us that Jeb was the smartest of the Bush brothers. That must have been orchestrated by his political operatives, because what we gave observed during this campaign would lead you to believe otherwise. His performance has been less that illustrious and his numbers are abysmal. When you must resort to dirty tricks the end must be near.

  3. Rick Scott

    Conservative Treehouse exposed this, NOT Breitbart.

  4. GreenBeretLTC

    Regardless of who exposed this fraud, Trump answered well: If you work as well, you’ll be paid as well. And, I’m pro-life….. Nuff said.

  5. Fosworth

    She must be crapping in her pants. Haaaa haaaa haaa!!!

  6. Ciana






  7. Sherox

    Typical Democrat type, and, yes, I know she is an alleged Republican, supporter of Jeb Bush.

  8. Walter

    Saw the clip on “Morning Joe” this morning. Nothing was mentioned about Bachelder until the last 2 minutes of the show. Glad they informed the audience, but I already new it. That being said, please cut the crap about Rubio and the other candidates! She is a plant for Jeb, fine. We found that out and let the chips fall where they may. You all like Trump, great. I happen to like him as well. However posting comments about her posing with other Republicans in some type of conspiracy against Trump is just dumb. Stick with the facts. Remember the phrase..”Better to be thought of as a idiot, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt” I won’t mention names for you know who I am speaking about, LOL.

    = = = = = = = = = = = =

    Hi Walter,

    We posted the pix of Ms. Batchelder with McCain and Rubio [two well-known RiNOs] simply to prove who she happily associates with – in addition to Ayotte and 4% Bush… WE ARE NOT SAYING they are part of any RiNO conspiracy.

  9. Jennifer Conklin

    a idiot? Don’t you mean “an idiot”. Was thinking the same thing about you until you tried to attempt incorrectly using the English language. I just hate that….when people think they are so intelligent…baaaa haaaa haaa

  10. IGnatius T Foobar

    This is what the zero-party system does. Most of the non-Bush candidates are only there to absorb delegates which will be thrown to Bush at or immediately before the convention.

    The zero-party system is government of, by, and for the big donors of special interest groups. Trump is a stick in the spokes of that political machine, which is why the zero-party system and its lapdog media are falling all over themselves trying to destroy him.

    Hopefully there are enough people already awake enough to see through this hit job.

  11. Cody Roberts

    Well lady,when you took the the job to defecate on Mr Trump, you SOLD yourself not just to Jeb Bush & CNN,,, YOU SOLD yourself to the American people….. Most women can douche themselves clean, In your case though, you might buy a two in one box… One for use below the waist,, The other for your mouth.

  12. Reverend Jim

    Hey Jenny…kinda funny that you were ragging on somebody for not using proper English when you typed this:

    “…until you tried to attempt incorrectly using the English language…”

    Re-read it a couple times and maybe it’ll sink in!

  13. Seth L

    I didn’t need to read most of what you said because she was threatened by Trump supporters, period. It doesn’t matter if she was affiliated with the Democrats, Republicans, or Independents. Trump arguably put her life in danger by calling her out on Twitter.


    Really Seth? How naïve are you child?

    The young lady was an ATTENTION SEEKER long before she attempted to embarrass and derail Trump in October 2015.

    SHE made herself a PUBLIC PERSON. WORSE,…she pretended to be ‘just a student’ – when she was clearly a political operative.

    There is NO PROOF that anybody ‘threatened her’ – or that anybody who emailed her was associated with Trump’s campaign.

    But YOU bought into the Washington Post’s one-sided story – like most gullible youth. Did you ~ even once ~ think you were being lied to…?

    Are you also a ‘TRUMP VICTIM’?

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