Labor Day: Union Leaders Are Sniveling

Posted September 5th, 2016 by Iron Mike

For America’s younger generations – who learned ZERO History from their union teachers in their public schools, – today’s lead Herald story will go right over their heads.
Unions under seige
Two local Union Bosses – Frank Callahan and Bob Rizzi are sniveling that the good old goonish days of doing business – with broken legs and burnt-out buildings, – just aren’t happening anymore.

Quincy Shipyard 1959

Rizzi himself is barely old enough to remember when the Quincy Shipyards build big ships for the US Navy – before union nastiness caused the Navy to look to southern shipyards…

Quincy Shipyard

Massachusetts was once a manufacturing powerhouse!  Our shipyards, mills and factories equipped the Union Army and Navy in the Civil War,  and the US Navy and Army thereafter – through the Korean War and into the Cold War….

Then the unholy alliance between Labor Unions, Communists, Socialists and the Democrat Party began to cause Big Capital to think about moving out of union-infested New England.

Bob Rizzi

Theft of cargo moving across Boston’s docks caused insurers to require shipper to move cargo through Baltimore,  – and today very little cargo moves through Boston.

Then things got really ugly. By the 1960s a whole new crop of know-it-all liberal Democrats were taking control of local party committees,  – and ranting about “clean air – clean water” and “getting rid of those belching smokestacks”...

Parking lots are empty

They were trying to outlaw their father’s and grand-father’s jobs…and they succeeded!

By the early 1980s people began to talk about everybody working ‘clean’ jobs in air-conditioned comfort. But that never happened. Instead, Mexicans began to pour into the country in record numbers – to take those ‘dirty and messy’ jobs.

And – because they’d ALWAYS VOTED DEMOCRAT, in 1992 the unions massively backed Bill Clinton.  It was akin to playing Russian Roulette – with only one empty chamber… Clinton got NAFTA passed, and signed, – and he’s STILL GLOATING!

Bill Clinton NAFTA

Today,  if you are a union family,  – there are damned few jobs for your son or daughter to go into….

The Democrat Party can’t deliver anything but government jobs….

Senator Squaw photos on Mass Building Trades

Even teachers are beginning to rebel, – after 50+ years of paying union dues to fat-cat union bosses,…they want out.  The honest ones want the incompetent slugs purged from their ranks….

But union leaders will still suck up to Democrats – and use Union Dues to finance their campaigns.  They seem unable to think outside the box….

Frank Callahan with Deval

Hey Frank,  – ‘splain for us your logic – sucking up to Deval,  – who was a champion of shielding illegal aliens from deportation – EVEN THE CRIMINAL ONES – even though you know they were working construction jobs.   ‘splain please?

Francis X Callahan Jr with Obama

Are you STILL PROUD of supporting Obama? 

WHAT did he do for union jobs in Massachusetts?  Have you heard of TPP Frank?  How about ObamaCare?

And Frank,…can you tell us how much you make on your side job?  Do you pay union dues on your Blue Cross job?


Folks, after dealing with them for decades, I can tell you the only hypocrites worse than Democrat politicians are union leaders…. [except maybe MassGOP RiNOs…]

Bob Rizzi gets an award

Hey Bob,  Hillary says she wants to bring in 500,000 more Syrian ‘refugees’ – to take jobs here?

You still going to vote for her?

Are you going to send you member’s dues to the Democrat party?

4 Responses to “Labor Day: Union Leaders Are Sniveling”

  1. Kim

    Leadership in a lot of unions don’t see illegals as taking their members jobs, they see them as potential union members. It doesn’t matter if their current members lose jobs if it means they have more members and receive more dues. Don’t assume they are looking out for their current members just because they are paid to do just that. Most, with a few exceptions, are looking out for themselves.

  2. Leonard Mead

    AND don’t forget all the government “workers” administrators, VA lay-abouts, police and fireman who now have to “pay” union dues for their jobs.
    Visit the Lyin’Hillary Doll site for fun quotes how “I’ll put a lot of coal miners out of a job.”
    Len Mead — soon returning to “Right to Work” Florida

  3. JimBuba

    Democrats! The best reason to develop a DNA test for stupidity.

  4. Kojack

    Kim has it exactly right. The union leadership has long abandoned their members interests in favor of their own. That is why their decisions, in reference to the welfare of the people they represent, defy logic.