Kuhner Addresses Citizen Watchdog Training

Posted November 16th, 2013 by Jim Ettwein

imageJeff Kuhner, WRKO talk show host, told the assembled group of Citizen Watchdogs that we have the power to change things, that we have a winning agenda. We have the ideas and ideals to make us great once again.

The person directly in Kuhner’s crosshairs is Brad Jones. Look out. The Tea Party is coming.

Speak boldly. No force can stop us.

Every email, every website, every phone call… Puts another nail in liberal, socialism’s coffin.

The spark of our revolution is ignited. It’s 1773 right now. No need for violence, we have the ballot box.

Take action now, next month, and next year.

4 Responses to “Kuhner Addresses Citizen Watchdog Training”

  1. Chris Holtz

    It is better for all of you to be thought of as fools than to open your mouths and let there be no doubt!

  2. Chris Holtz

    An open letter to idiot nation…….

    there you all are sitting on the couch in the den with Fox News blaring in the background, pistol on the table next to an open bottle of Jack and a blister pack of blood pressure medicine, you comb the web for all the misery and pessimism you can find. …….like minded strident pessimists, reinforcing each other’s increasingly hysterical worldview without check or pause for reason. It’s an endless litany of pessimism and bitter grumblings fleshed out with the latest NRA hysteria, TEA Party conspiracy theories, Fox News lunacy, and silly chain-mail nonsense.


    Gee Chris, – you seem upset…

    At RRB we understand how difficult these past weeks have been for Obama-loving MoonBats. What with the website failures, – the 4.5 million citizens dropped from their insurance coverage, and the horribly inflated prices of replacement policies.

    And worst of all, the endless series of lies upon lies from your Messiah.

    Tough when your Messiah is a Liar!

    So maybe you want to look to your own situation, – can you really trust what you learned in school? Can you really trust your own judgment – when it comes to which politicians you chose to worship?

    Before you go ranting at the whole world, – look at the unemployment trends since Obama took office. Look at the welfare statistics. Then ask yourself what is he and Hillary covering up in Fast & Furious and the Benghazi Massacre? Why the cover-up, – and why the lies?

    And with a full three (3) years to build and test it,…how come the ObamaCare website is so screwed up? Unless,…that was the plan?

    /s/ Iron Mike

  3. haddanuff

    Yes indeed. Kuhner provided one of the most uplifting, confident, and enthusiastic speeches on our ability to prevail on this war on America. I pray that he is right, but he certainly gave a convincing argument.

  4. Kojack

    An open reply to Chris

    Fast & Furious executive privelage to save Holder’s corrupt ass, Bengahzi, IRS harassing conservatives, DOJ illegally wiretapping the AP and FOX’s James Rosen, NSA spying on US citizens, 5M losing their med ins due to Obamascare, more people on welfare than ever before, the lowest labor participation rate since ’78, more debt accumulated by Obysmal than all previous admins combined ($17T), etc. etc. etc. You must be an Obama phone recipient if you’re so optimistic. Hint, believe your eyes and ears not Obysmal, you moron.