Krokodil and Common Core

Posted October 23rd, 2013 by Iron Mike

2 deadly poisons loose across America.  Both eat body and mind – from the inside out!
Eating Away Our Youth

[Крокодил]from Russia with vengeance – quickly addicts any fool who takes it, and immediately begin to eat their bodies – inside and out.
Common Core looks more benignDon’t be fooled – it’s just as deadly!

Krokodil foot rotDesomorphine [street name Krokodil or crocodile] has been around for 80 years – and is 8 times more potent than morphine

In recent years Russian junkies began to manufacture and sell it,  – and suddenly it has appeared in the US.

Anyone making or selling this poison to your kids should be charged with attempted murder.  It is THAT deadly. Alert your kids, your schools, your doctors, and your local police.

In one sense – it’s a self-flushing toilet, because anybody stupid enough to use it will die, – and we’ll not be burdened supporting them very long.   YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!

 Common Core Standards

COMMON CORE on the other hands comes to you wrapped in pretty paper with a shiney bow.

It’s being sold as something ‘good for kids and teachers’ – a one-size-fits-all curriculum designed to ensure kids can get into college.

HARDLY!  It is the deliberate dumbing down of a generation of Americans.

It is designed to restrict and channel creativity, free thinking, and free speech – into a pre-set pattern of political and social correctness.

If you don’t firmly believe that your kids are YOUR responsibility to raise, to train, to educate, – and you somehow think  ‘education is a government responsibility’, – then you’re NOT a REPUBLICAN!  You’re a Democrat – or worse.

Our kids are NOT cars or toasters.  We shouldn’t be raising them to fit some ‘national standard’. 

We should never submit to the concept that they need to be molded and tought how to think by government / union-run public schools

Common Core is 21st Century World Socialism at work – subtily brainwashing your kids and making them afraid to express their own thoughts.Resist Common core

Worse, the suggested subject matter, texts, and teaching guides are loaded with subtile anti-American and even anti-White story lines – all cleverly designed to make your kids – your grandkids – accept the premise that America has been a bad country, – and that white people have traditionally taken unfair advantage of minorities.

I won’t go into excruciating details. Watch this video about just one part [you need to see the final section] – to understand their evil game plan.

Then go to your local school committee and school board and DEMAND they toss Common Core – OUT!  FREE PUBLIC EDUCATION”    – is not free, – nor is it Education!

2 Responses to “Krokodil and Common Core”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Indiana vetoed the adopting of common core. They pushed it back out of the state, last I heard. Unfortunately, Massachusetts will swallow it hook line and sinker.

  2. Benjamin Disraeli

    Krokodil doesn’t actually exist. There is no evidence at all for its existence. Most images of ‘Krokodil’ are probably of car accidents or chemical burns. Just saying, I hope you realize you are falling for typical fanatical anti-drug news propaganda.


    You are no Disraeli! You are a denier of the truth – and a liar….a spreader of evil misinformation.