Kim Shoots His Uncle Jang

Posted December 13th, 2013 by Iron Mike

A Christmas Season to remember!   Arrested on Dec 8th, – tried, – and shot four days later on Dec 12th. Dead Man Walking

Jang Sung-taek was the brother-in-law of the late Kim Jung-il, and uncle to current head runt Kim Jung-un.

His sins?   Hmmm, hard to fully know,  but it seems he wanted a job of importance,  was a tad unfaithful to his sickly wife,  and may have ‘plotted with others’ to grab power.  Now he’s taking a dirt nap.

Uncle Jang executed

Merrill NewmanAll this was happening against the background of elderly American Korean War veteran Merrill Newman was being forced to confess his ‘wartime crimes’ – before being released.

Newman distracted the press while Uncle Jang was being dealt with. 


Hyon Song-wol ExecutedPlease remember that it was just last August that Kim executed his former mistress – singer Hyon Song-wol, rumored to be a long-time heart-throb.  She angered him by making a porno video after their breakup.

Then in early November Kim ordered the public machine-gunning of some 80 people, for such crimes as watching foreign videos or owning bibles.

This is how dictators maintain control. 

Nobody is safe, – not even family members and lovers.  People come to accept a level of fear and dread in their daily lives, – much the same as you’ve come to accept Obama and Hillary.

Carter 1994Anybody remember back in 1994 when Bill Clinton sent Jimmy Carter to ‘negotiate’ with these Mongolians?  Didn’t take them long to resume work on their nuclear bomb,…did it?

DO NOT TRAVEL to North Korea!
Kim and Rodman

You just never know,…when a psycho runt,…will tire of you…

Uncle Jang - family feud

UGLY UPDATE:  Fri 3 Jan 2014  This should gross out even Jimmy Carter….As being reported in several Asian newspapers,  Jang Song Thaek wasn’t shot.  It was much WORSE!

He and five associates were stripped naked – and fed alive to a pack of 120 starving dogs.   Seems his nephew – the Mongolian runt Kim Jung-un – and 300 chosen advisors watched for an hour until all six were devoured.

This execution method even has a name – “quan jue” – execution by dogs.  They even managed to gross out the Red Chinese,…who reported it first.   You know there is video,…somewhere…

4 Responses to “Kim Shoots His Uncle Jang”

  1. Tom

    Bad gene pool in the Jung Il clan given the performance of the runt, dearest dad and grandad. The South Koreans should be wary of this whack job. This is not the guy to negotiate with on any terms, because he is a pathological killer and liar as well. Never-the-less we will probably see Kerry trotting over to North Korea, the land of eternal darkness.

  2. Walter Knight

    Ambassador Dennis Rodman will keep the peace with basketball diplomacy. The world is safer now.

  3. Casey Chapman

    Just cleaning up the gene pool.

  4. Kojack

    Might be a good idea for Obysmal and the national village idiot to take tour of North Korea…….maybe the runt could do us a favor.