Kim Jong-un Can’t Back Down!

Posted August 11th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Americans don’t study History in school (actually it’s no longer taught in our public schools) – so they don’t understand what we’re watching in the Hermit Kingdom.

Kim Jong-un – aka the Mongolian Runt – cannot back away from his saber-rattling, or his missile program,  – and certainly not from his atomic bomb program.  He’d be dead inside 48 hours!

No matter what you read in the papers – or see on CNN and/or Fox,…Kim is “riding the Tiger”,  – an ancient oriental expression for a Dictator or War Lord who has chosen the most dangerous path to seize power and then stay in power.

If he stops,  – pauses,  – or even appears to weaken, – his Generals will have him killed within hours.

NorK generals – indeed all military officers there – enjoy an elevated lifestyle – one far above the ordinary civilian.  But they too are riding tigers,…and if Kim is displeased – they know their fate. They will be machine-gunned to death within hours.  Their families too.

Thus Chinese President Xi Jinping has made a decision to let events in North Korea unfold at their own pace – without any public interference from him.

The last thing he needs on his 880-mile long border is either a nuclear wasteland,  – or a revolution and power-struggle among NorK Generals.

To him, – one Mongolian Runt is just as bad as the next one who might take his place.

And Xi Jingping has no interest in helping end our “North Korea Problem”.  Everything the Mongolian Runt does buys him time to build up the Chinese blue water navy and slowly take full control of the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans.  The Runt is a useful distraction.


As always – look to your store of emergency food, water, medications, and ammo.  There is only a tiny chance that Kim is stupid enough to pop a nuke over the USA,  but you should be prepared anyway.

Let Trump know you’ve got his back.   Since those dark days when Truman refused to try winning the Korean War,  and fired MacArthur,  – eleven US Presidents have all failed to stop the Mongolian warlord regime,  and CarterClinton, and Obama helped them get nuclear weapons.

Now Trump must deal with this 72 year old mess that Harry Truman wanted nothing to do with.

And we can all hope that the Tiger gets hungry!

4 Responses to “Kim Jong-un Can’t Back Down!”

  1. Leonard Mead

    Is it OK if I stock up on beer and nachos?

  2. Sonny's Mom

    Iron Mike: A couple of the NorKies’ recent test launches failed. Any evidence (or rumint) that “someone” got whacked because Lil Kim had a bad day?

  3. Kojack

    How could Truman have left this mess for his country and his successors when the lessons of WWII were still so fresh in the national consciousness?!?!? I can understand Carter Clinton and Obysmal exacerbating the situation. Carter was totally inept and naïve. Clinton was a political whore for sale to the highest bidder and Obysmal hates America. In his mind and for his goals, “strategic patience” was wildly successful.


    The sad truth Kojack is that Truman was a lifelong racist – he hated all things Chinese – hated Chiang Kai Shek – dismissed him as a crooked warlord – and saw no difference in any of the oriental peoples.

    Thus he abandoned Chiang to Mao, and just wanted to “Stop Communist Advances” to appease Republicans; – he really didn’t believe in it.

    Truman had been a legitimate hero in WWI, – but entered the WH with only a high school education, – and no real global vision.

    LESSON: Who the voters pick for VP matters; and elections have very long-term consequences!

  4. Blossom Stiefel

    Some people are angry about President Trump’s strong words. Americans need to recognize, as they ponder the increasingly dangerous North Korean situation, that President Trump inherited the global threat that is North Korea from George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. The last three commanders in chief used various forms of diplomacy, strong language and direct communications with North Korean leaders to no avail. Thankfully President Trump is a strong commander in chief, and he is dealing with Kim Jong Un as he should–with strength.