Kerry’s Deal With The Devils

Posted November 24th, 2013 by Iron Mike

A lifetime of self-infatuation and visions of grandeur made him the perfect pawn in the Iranian chess game.
In a bold and thoughtless stroke [because he SO wants a Nobel Peace Prize] – Kerry and Obama have sold out our allies Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. The Persians will get their bombs! They will use them.

Jan 2008  Kerry Endorses Obama

Back in January 2008 – Kerry was the first prominent Democrat to endorse Barack Obama over Hillary – then the presumptive heir-apparent.  He thought his reward would be either SecDef or SecState

He got neither – and had to sit quietly squirming while Hillary made a botch of Fast & Furious,  Benghazi,  and the ‘Russian reset button’.

Now it’s his turn, and he’s determined to play center stage – upstaging Hillary and even Obama,  to position himself for another White House run in 2016.  

He will sell anybody and everybody out to make it happen.  The proof is in the treaty which will become known as the ‘Geneva Sellout’!  Allegedly effective for only six months – that’s probably all the Iranians think they need to finish building a half-dozen bombs.

Treaties like this always come with dozens of little-known side agreements. This is a LOT like Pelosi saying “You have to vote for it to find out what is in it”.

One thing for sure,  the Saudis will not sit idly by and watch their arch-enemies build atomic bombs.  Pakistan – always looking for an easy buck – will gladly sell them a dozen.  The Chinese might too…particularly for a guaranteed supply of oil.

Why would Obama and the Senate Dems go along with this charade?

Because they’re up to their eyeballs in the cesspool called ObamaCare – and they need a distractionANY distraction – ANYTHING they can call ‘a success’!

Watch the media heap laurels upon them….

Well America, – your idiot citizens voted for ‘Change’ – twice!  This is your change!  Enjoy!
Iranian bomb

6 Responses to “Kerry’s Deal With The Devils”

  1. Old Panther 6

    This is not just disgusting it is a disaster for the west. Have we all forgotten that these are the bastards that seized our Embassy and held our diplomats hostage? Today the radicals still call us the Great Satan and hate us. Oh yes we should trust them, NOT.

    Wonder how long it will take us to catch them cheating.

  2. Len Mead

    Again you have nailed the terrifying reality of “dealing with the devil.” Neville Chamberlain ridiculously thought he could contain Hitler (and stop World War II) with appeasement. He returned from negotiations with that devil waving an agreement in the air and proclaiming, “Peace in our time” after selling western allies down the drain.
    Hitler laughed quietly and then less than a year later bombed and invaded Poland.
    Iran’s muslim terrorists are laughing themselves silly while they now have time to complete the nuclear bomb that will land on Israel within a year.
    Impeaching and jailing Obama and his regime immediately is now our only hope.
    Len Mead

  3. Tom Gilroy

    The Iranians are the major source of terrorist funding in the Arab world. No mention of that in the treaty. Both the Israelis and the Saudis are very concerned!, as should be every educated American who understands the motives of Iran and the Arab fanatics in the MiddleEast, Africa and South West Asia. Kerry may very well become our 21st century Neville Chamberlain and Obama, well, who might he be?

  4. Casey Chapman

    Israel has been talking about bombing the Iranians into oblivion for quite some time now. Kind of like they did Iraq. They need to do so. Clearly our so-called government doesn’t have the gonads to.

    Those of us who are awake will not be distracted away from Obamacare by this.

  5. Bob at Civil Candor

    So we swept Benghazi under the rug, handed Syria off to Putin, and capitulated to Rouhani and Khamenei. Now we have to deal with Afghanistan. Do you think Obama and Kerry will stand up to Karzai? We can’t sink much lower than being bested by a country that still lets tribal elders call the shots.

  6. Blossom Stiefel

    Iran is one of the top enemies of the United States. This agreement is meaningless and a bad deal for the United States and our allies, especially Israel. Iran presents a clear and present danger to the United States and free people everywhere.
    There is no deal we can make with a radicalized Islamic terrorist state that we can expect to be honored.