Kerry Goes Back In Time

Posted December 15th, 2013 by Iron Mike

And he’s STILL telling lies.  

Kerry and KerryThis time he’s trying to scare the Vietnamese about Global Warming.

And once again he’s trying to fluff up his résumé for 2016.

This man has no honor, – only blind ambition held back by a lifetime of lying, anti-American activities,  and bad decisions.

3 Responses to “Kerry Goes Back In Time”

  1. Walter Knight

    Is Kerry in a boat? Shouldn’t Kerry and his passenger be wearing a seatbelt?

  2. Casey Chapman

    I am ashamed that he comes from our state here in Massachusetts. There are so many other men from our state who are miles ahead of him in character.

  3. Paul J Baldi

    Yep, good old John F Kerry. The “F” stands for Fraud.