Kangaroo Court Convenes At Babson College

Posted December 16th, 2016 by Iron Mike

The dastardly crime:   With malice of forethought the defendants mounted a TRUMP FLAG to a DEADLY PICKUP TRUCK – and drove through campus!

Muffy sent a trained investigator (Hillary supporter) to gather facts, rumors, and hurt feelings

Today,  displaying the kind of (knee-jerk) leadership (utter vacuum) that we Republicans have come to expect from years of observing Muffy,  – she has convened a kangaroo court,   – and the defendants aren’t even allowed to have their attorneys in the room.

If the ‘defendants’ were two Black Democrats, – do you think Loretta Lynch would have sent her storm troopers in…?

Muffy is between a rock and a hard place.   The LibTURDS of Babson want these two Christians scourged and crucified – made a public example of….

.how DARE they praise or celebrate TRUMP!?!

But then there’s that damned old parchment – the Constitution,….and that archaic 1st Amendment – which actually allows repulsive opposing viewpoints – to be expressed – “in our very safe spaces – like our campus…”.

We want JUSTICE!  Our kind of JUSTICE! 

Bring in the Kangaroos!

How awkward of Muffy!  These two underclassmen – Edward Tommaso and Parker Rand-Ricciardi,  – have backed her and Babson into an awful corner.

Babson has to admit that they did no wrong,  – merely exercised their FREE SPEECH, – and apologize profusely for over-reacting,….OR….

…they have to punish them,…thus making a public statement that free speech is UNWELCOME on the Babson Campus….

The VERY FACT that Muffy ordered an investigation into their FREE SPEECH is likely a Civil Rights Violation.  Oops!  

And Jeff Sessions will be Trump’s new Attorney General…. (Double Oops!)

Now,  whatever real and emotional harm these two Conservatives are subjected to becomes actionable. Muffy ordered it.   She can be held personally liable,  – along with Babson. (Expensive Oops!)

LESSON FOR BABSON:   In your liberal zeal to hire a high-profile WOMAN to run your campus,  – you forgot that a pretty face,  3” heels and an expensive suit do not translate to clear judgment or crisis management.

Muffy has let this drag on for over a month.  The damage is real.   If she can make it go away today it will be a miracle!

But she can’t.   She’s likely turned this into a FEDERAL CASE!  You’ll be paying up.

And now you need a new President!

Shit like this is what we fully expect from Democrats.  But from Muffy – our former LtGov and former MassGOP National Committeewoman…?

Yeah,…sadly….Muffy was always a ditz….

…I remember the night she told me she fully supported the 2nd Amendment – because her husband “is a big hunter”….

UPDATE:   Sat 17 Dec 2016   The Kangaroo Court met,  and the kids will have to sweat it out until Monday to learn their fate.   Muffy is being cravenly cowardly,  – not even talking to the media.   She alone has put this stain on Babson,  and is probably talking to lawyers non-stop – trying to figure a way out that keeps her job…


4 Responses to “Kangaroo Court Convenes At Babson College”

  1. Jim Gettens

    I remember fake Republican Muffy Healey at the 2010 MassGOP Convention, in her speech to the assembled MassGOP sheep, outright whining, bitching, and railing against businessman Christy Mihos, then Republican challenger for the Governorship against fake Republican Charles D. Baker, for having had the utter temerity to challenge HER, the ANOINTED FAKE REPUBLICAN FEMALE CANDIDATE FOR GOVERNOR IN 2006, as an Independent, of all things!

    OH, the unfairness and injustice of it all!!! She lost in 2006, just as the outright fraud, Charles D. Baker, did in 2010. AND, by the way, does anyone really believe that the 2010 MassGOP Convention delegate vote WAS NOT RIGGED in favor of Charles D. Baker as it was proven to be in 2014 when he was challenged by Mark Fisher–who later won a Superior Court $$$ettlement against MassGOP for alleged delegate vote counting fraud???!!!

    OH, MUFFY!!! Like all FAKE REPUBLICANS you’re such a friggin’ hero when it comes to upholding the politically incorrect Constitutional rights and prerogatives of others, aren’t you???

    AND what about free inquiry, expression, and so-called vaunted “academic freedom”??? Not so much when you are in the headlights and you can rig it so a couple male undergraduates for whom you stand in loco parentis can take the fall, right???!!!

  2. MC

    After reading your post I googled the two young men to learn more. What cupcakes that generation is! Finding statements like : “Today, Wellesley women, like a lot of America, were in mourning.”

    “After a night than can only be describes as a horrific emotional roller coaster,”

    “In order to really make a difference, too, we need you to hold them accountable – by helping us keep holding them to the fire.”

    Don’t you wish these same individuals would hold themselves accountable?

    Where are the protests for the individuals hurt in the riots , the damaged property and the inconvenience to those trapped in their vehicles for hours because some idiots decided to close roadways? Crickets is what we hear.

    Who is to blame– the parents for enabling these cupcakes all their lives? Can you imagine them surviving in the real world? I hope Mommy and Daddy are ready to have them living in their basements for years to come and don’t forget to add a quiet room with coloring books and crayons.

  3. Christopher Maider

    Are the two kids in jail over the weekend?
    Arrested for what?

    We’ve come a long way from Animal House all the way to Animal Farm


    NOT IN JAIL! BUT,…suspended from campus….

  4. Walter Knight

    If their flag had been a hammer & sickle, a symbol under which millions were murdered, it would have been no big deal.

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