Justice Delayed Because Of Obama

Posted April 12th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Maryland State Senator Nathaniel T. Oaks was taken into Federal District Court in Baltimore to answer charges of taking bribes and wire fraud.   He’d been there before – 28 years ago.

The 70 year old career Democrat politician was booted from the Maryland House in 1989,  after 6 years in office,  for double listing his expenses to his office and his campaign.  Seems he never learned….

Oaks got himself re-elected in ’94,   and he’s been drawing a Maryland State paycheck ever since…..

The FBI has been waiting two (2) years to file charges,…waiting until Obama and Loretta Lynch were out of office.

The charges involve accepting cash payments to influence legislation on a development project.  For ordinary citizens these charges could carry a 20-year sentence.

It is testament to how deeply corrupted and racially one-sided our entire Department of Justice became during the Obama cartel.  Very very sad.


One Response to “Justice Delayed Because Of Obama”

  1. Hawk1776

    Blacks will be quick to say they have been exploited by whites. They won’t talk about how they are exploited by blacks. Many of the black politicians are from the Boss Tweed school of governance. They rise to prominence on the backs of their supporters and exploit them mercilessly. Look at this clown. Look at John Lewis in Atlanta. Look at Maxine Waters. These people are shameless.