Jon Stewart Skewers ObamaCare Website

Posted October 22nd, 2013 by Iron Mike

Stewart has been an anti-Republican / pro-Obama fan since the beginning.  If Obama is losing him – it’s a sea-change.

Eventually some young Liberals wake up, grow up, and wise up….  Others never do….

3 Responses to “Jon Stewart Skewers ObamaCare Website”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Just saw this on Pat & Stu. Great comedy bit. Obummer deserves this all the way.

  2. Tom

    If this ACA wasn’t so screwed up this schtict would be hilarious. The real problem is this is not going away and single payer is just over the horizon the world’s best healthcare system will crumble into mediocrity, death rates wil fall and like all government problems, they are forever. This will be the Obama legacy, for the establishment of the control needed in all Marxist socialist countries and we and our progeny will suffer the consequences, intended and unintended. May God help us all!

  3. Hawk1776

    I watched the clip. It was the first time I’ve watched Jon Stewart for over thirty seconds. I don’t think he’s funny so it will be the last (but the Pacman bit was amusing).

    It took Jon Stewart over five years to see the futility of Obama. That makes him a dim bulb in my book. He will probably do another Obama love feast next week.