John Podesta Says She Smells…..

Posted November 1st, 2016 by Iron Mike

As the unflattering and disrespectful emails keep surfacing, we at RRB have to wonder, – is Hillary a dynamic and respected political leader, – or just the figurehead of the wider progressive movement.
Brutal email below the fold – Podesta says she smells.


And yet Podesta has stuck with her – through all the crap and all the illegal stuff.

Is it personal loyalty?   Or is it that John holds his nose for the Progressive Cause…?


5 Responses to “John Podesta Says She Smells…..”

  1. MC

    OMG – Mike you didn’t have to post this one. I didn’t need any more mental images. Thinking of an very neglected old-age home from years ago or that house with a lady/gentlemen with a lot of cats. That hircine smell that you just can’t get past. No didn’t need that.

    Thinking of the email : Someone has to tell her to bathe! That is beyond me — There is no excuse for that .

  2. Lonnie Brennan

    And I thought only her policies stunk.

  3. Mt Woman

    I won’t even try to top MC or Lonnie. This latest message is very disturbing. Her biggest so called loyal assistants are nothing but “sick o-fants”. This revelation is frightening. Her running clown looks like an unmade bed, this unlikable and unkempt duo is a step away from the presidency. Podesta’s claims of friendship will end on election day regardless of outcome. If she wins, he will go to CNN and write a book to try to set the record straight. If she loses to Trump, I can see a sudden and mysterious death in his future.

  4. Catherine

    Secret Service officers claim she smells like sulfur. Details here:

  5. Walter Knight

    She’s full of shit.

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