John Kerry’s Hanukkah Turd

Posted December 29th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Nothing quite says “Fuck all you Jews” like ‘War Hero’ Kerry dropping his Hanukkah Turd and telling the world he wants a “2-state solution” based on the 1967 lines….

If you’re too stupid to understand the evil he is perpetrating,  – you really need to read this blog entry.

Kerry has ONLY ONE INTEREST in the entire Middle East,  – and that single thing is any event that he can have result in a Nobel Peace Prize.

If it could be made to happen – even after he’s out of office,  – that PRIZE would become the center-piece of his 2020 Presidential Campaign….

You need to understand that there are no limits to Kerry’s ego and his inflated self image.

Do any of you have memories of his 2004 presidential run – with running mate John “Lover Boy” Edwards….?

Kerry picked as his VP a guy who was cheating on his dying wife – with his photographer….  Can you say “Poor Judgment”?  How about “Failure to vet…”?

Do you remember that Edwards fathered a daughter with that photographer – then tried to pin it on a campaign aide…?  His wife Elizabeth would die of cancer in 2010.

So yesterday Kerry again displayed his incredible indifference to all things not Kerry.

In the middle of the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah he advocates a “Peace Plan” for a 2-state settlement of the 68-year long Arab-Israeli war…..

He wants a return to the 1967 lines.

This is essentially the Arab’s desired starting position for ‘negotiations’….

It requires Israel to abandon all their settlements in Jerusalem and the West Bank, and pull back to indefensible positions.

Then the Arabs would gleefully accept this “Peace” – only to mount a savage attack within 6 months. They sing almost daily a song about “From the River to the Sea” meaning that they have expelled all the Jews from Israel – into the Mediterranean.

Any part that America might play in such a ‘Peace” would of course have been the precursor to genocide. Kerry doesn’t care;  – he wants that damned elusive Peace Prize – the one he thought he was going to get for the deal with Iran.

Both Hamas and Hezbollah are waiting for Israel to show weakness,  – or for the US to signal a lack of resolve to defend Israel…..

They have a bloodbath in mind – they truly plan to kill or drive into boats all 8 million Israeli Jews….

The Israelis are neither stupid or helpless.  They have a goodly arsenal of modern weapons,  – and likely some 80 nuclear warheads. 

If ever faced with extinction,  – they’ll use them.

Which is precisely why Iran is so earnest to build nuclear bombs themselves,  – so that THEY can be the one to wipe Israel off the map,…along with as many Sunni Arabs as possible who die from the fallout….

Do you really think John Kerry cares about any of this…?

Will America’s Jews still keep voting for Democrats?

Did you know Kerry’s daughter married an Iranian…?

4 Responses to “John Kerry’s Hanukkah Turd”

  1. FLICK

    Give him the f’in Peace Prize already. It means NOTHING since it was awarded to B. HUSSEIN Obama for doing absolutely NOTHING!

    The POS-in-chief’s should be revoked based on his performance.

    It’s become just another participation award.

    Maybe the Ketchup Queen can buy it for him?

  2. Hawk1776

    The man is a douche (pardon my language). End of discussion.

  3. Raymond Smithson

    What a twit, they’re all a bunch of commie do gooders, don’t you all think?

  4. WJ

    Why do we support an ethnostate that stole the land from the first people? I have no problem with the Israelis genociding the Palestinian but dont do it with my tax dollars.

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