Jessie? Al? Ben? Barack? A Word Please?

Posted December 21st, 2013 by Iron Mike

Carjacking Murder Solved in New Jersey!
Dustin Friedland
Usual suspects in custody, – usual silence from the professional race-baiting poverty pimps.  Can’t wait to see how long their rap sheets are…. 

QUESTIONS FOR LIBERALS:  How come these four fellows didn’t obey New Jersey’s tough gun laws?

Would Mister Friedland be ALIVE TODAY, – if he’s been ARMED?

5 Responses to “Jessie? Al? Ben? Barack? A Word Please?”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    We won’t hear much from the main stream media and nothing from the race pimps. I am betting this crew is part of the international car jacking ring that transports cars by ship to South America and Africa.

    This is ground zero for the operation and these bad dudes have most likely been released more than once by a liberal judge, because they are just victims from Newark. Have we heard from the Guv or is he too busy awarding illegals with resident education rates?

  2. Flick

    They could ALL be B. HUSSEIN Obama’s sons if he had one! Oh, wait, that’s only when it’s white on black. Sorry…

    We know you read this blog you cowards! Let’s hear some chatter on this Reverend(?) Al!

  3. Neil

    As usual the libtard press is silent as Ovomits sons, if he had any, murder another innocent person. It is amazing how black on white crime is totally ignored, but wait, according to Jessie and Al only whites can be racist. The robberies and knockouts will soon be avenged and that is when the libtards will be screaming. It is a shame that this country has sunken so low.

  4. Casey Chapman

    As usual, gun laws did NOT keep the criminals from getting guns and using them for a bad reason. And as usual, not one word from the libs.

  5. Ronald Reagan

    As a longtime resident of the garden state, this crime has angered and saddened me as much of the nation, if not more. But what disturbs me the most, is how idiots like the four previous guess and the founder of this site have made Dustin Friedland”s death a racial blame game. The scumbags who killed him , did not do so because he was white nor Jewish. He was targeted because he was driving a car that had value and in their lowlife line of work, they had been looking for a Range Rover to steal. There for, Sharpton and Jackson would have no obligation to denounce their actions as they were not racially motivated…. This was not a case of deadly reverse racism. So to make such a point is utter nonsense. When Adam Lanza killed a bunch of kindergarten students…some of whom were minorities. Were Italian American politicians obligated to denounce his crime as a fellow Italian American….I think not. The very pettiness of your movement such as this topic is the reason why millions of Americans have abandoned it. Conservatives are dead and the only republicans that can rejuvenate your party are moderated like our very own Chris Christie. Rest in Peace Dustin Friedland
    And Shame on You!