Jesse Jackson Wants A Duck Sandwich

Posted December 26th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Jackson Wants Duck
It was just a matter of time.  Lifetime race-baiter Jesse Jackson want’s a piece of the Duck Dynasty action.  More specifically he’s demanding a meeting with both TV Network A&E and the Cracker Barrel restaurant chain.  It’s blackmail time.

Jackson has done this for years.  He waits until some situation – perhaps a labor dispute, – perhaps a firing for cause – perhaps a simple misunderstanding – has hit the press.

Then he jumps in and makes the thing all about race.  Last year it was the Trayvon Martin shooting.   His goal is a big payday, or lots of TV time – preferably both.  Jesse never met a TV camera he didn’t fall in love with.
Trayvon Protest

So as most Americans try to wrestle with the concepts of 1st Amendment guarantees of Free Speech vs what might constitute so-called ‘hate speech’ – or a violation of FCC air wave rules,  Jesse sees a quick paycheck.

Rosa Parks arrested 1955He’ll ask you to ignore his hypocrisy [his former Chicago Congressman son Jesse Jr. is serving a prison sentence in federal prison for spending campaign contributions on his own lavish lifestyle]

   – and pretend that somehow Phil Robertson has taken American race relations back to a bus in 1955 Montgomery, Alabama – and forced Rosa Parks to give up her seat.

What does he REALLY WANT?  

He wants a seat – on the board of both A&E and Cracker Barrel – ‘to insure the rights, needs, and feelings of minorities are considered in each and every business decision’.   Said positions should pay at least $200K per year plus expenses.

After all,  being a national-level race-baiter is expensive work.

It’s the old mob shakedown – with slightly different crayons, – but the same net effect.  How did you ~ think ~ Reverend Jackson supports himself – church donations?

Oh, and you’re supposed to politely ignore Jackson’s utter silence over the shooting of Dustin Friedland at the Short Hills Mall – by four (4) Black carjackers [each with a lengthy record] – because ~ somehow ~ Blacks didn’t find that act….hurtful?
Dustin Friedland

5 Responses to “Jesse Jackson Wants A Duck Sandwich”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Jackson needs to be retired. I do not know how this would happen, but it needs to.

  2. MC

    How this man has gotten away with all that he has and not be in jail for something.

  3. haddanuff

    We need to start a petition or something that boycotts any and all companies that affiliate with this race baiter – – -including meetings with A&E and Cracker Barrel.

  4. Prim

    Haddanuff has a great idea. If anyone is a member of “” that would be the place to start it.

    Time to turn the tables back on them.

  5. Constance Alsip

    Can anyone imagine Jackson without his nose in other people’s business? Can anyone feel any camaraderie with this old race baiter from years ago,and his lying, thieving son? I no longer have any respect for either Jackson or Sharpton. Their day is long gone. I wish they would simply retire. Nasty old men should just go away!