Jeremiah Oliver: Another ‘Anecdote’ Deval?

Posted December 19th, 2013 by Iron Mike

What Kids
The unholy alliance of incompetent and uncaring political appointees overseeing incompetent and uncaring state workers in America’s most corrupt union.  Any wonder that at-risk kids are placed with pedophiles or left in violent and drug riddled homes, – only to ‘disappear’?

I’ve lived is this God-forsaken cesspool of political payola [the Commonwealth of Massachusetts] for nearly 30 years.   And like the regular drumbeat of the local high school marching band practicing on Tuesday nights – the news is regularly filled with stories of abused kids and disappeared kids – and the unending failure of Child and Family Services to even see the problems.

SEIU's ClarkThere are some 17,000 ‘social workers’ unionized by SEIU 509 – one of the most politically astute and active SEIU locals. 

Led by Susan Tousignant from their headquarters in Watertown,  they make sure to court the politicians for all the ‘right reasons’ – i.e. larger state salaries, larger state retirements, [with nearly automatic tax-free disability retirements], and special privileges and access that you’ll never get.

Have you EVER heard of the SEIU lobbying for tougher penalties for pedophiles and child abusers?

So when Jeremiah Oliver disappears, – and DFC Commissioner Olga I. Roche  [salary $120K] is forced to fire the two ‘unnamed’ case workers who ignored the violent live-in boyfriend,…the SEIU spokesperson objects:

We are disappointed that Commissioner Roche is more interested in finger-pointing than accepting responsibility for yet another tragedy on her watch.

“The sad truth is that caseloads at the Department of Children & Families have long stood at crisis levels, yet Commissioner Roche has done little to address them.  Instead, the Commissioner has chosen a convenient scapegoat to deflect blame from department administrators – terminating caseworkers without any formal investigation, whatsoever.”

If the actions of the caseworkers in question warrant termination, Commissioner Roche should proceed with a formal investigation and make her case,  as legally required.   But without immediate action to address the Commissioner’s caseload crisis,  it is only a matter of time before another tragedy occurs.”

You’re to believe that the SEIU cares about kids,  and wants a procedural kangaroo court [a hearing] held so they can show off how they stand up for their members…   Member loyalty matters, – job accountability doesn’tAnd of course they want a lighter case load!

These 17,000 union members represent at least 4 x times that number of votes, when you count extended family.
SEIU's Kennedy
Any wonder that slimy Democratic politicians court and suck up to them, – cater to them when laws are being drafted, and gleefully accept their campaign cash and their sign holders?
Warren Markey SEIU

Who holds signs for abused and at-risk kids?

So now Deval Patrick is angry?  Holding his temper?  And our state’s official tax cheat – Auditor Susan Bump – will examine the department to see if they’re doing their job?
Auditor Bump

Really Susan?  Where will you begin, – their records – or sealed court records?

Hey Deval, – here’s another ‘anecdote’ for your 2020 Presidential Résumé:  Your fellow socialist – abortion queen US Sec HHS Kathleen Sebelius [of ObamaCare Website Fame] named your state the 4th WORST in looking out for kids, – following Mississippi, New York, and Rhode Island.    How was China and Japan Deval?
Elsa Oliver

An Addoption


UPDATE: Good Friday, 18 April 2014 – very sad news broke today as police found a body ‘matching ht/wt of Jeremiah’ – wrapped in a blanket and stuffed in a suitcase / duffel bag along I-190 in Sterling. Autopsy results tomorrow…

3 Responses to “Jeremiah Oliver: Another ‘Anecdote’ Deval?”

  1. Tom

    Just another anecdote in the unending legacy of cronyism and corruption in this totally politically wasted state. The situations throughout the state agencies are legendary and equally as dispicable. The Moonbat voters in this state continually return these “anecdotes”, union thug supporting politicians to office, therefor, they deserve what they vote for.

  2. Paul J Baldi

    “We need more case workers!” We’re understaffed”!
    “We need more money”! “We need better working
    conditions”! Can’t you just hear the hypocrites
    trying to explain the piss poor job they do watching
    over the kids left in their “care”? What we really
    need is to get rid of all public employee unions
    and make people accountable for their actions.

  3. Casey Chapman

    The only reason we moved to this state in 2009, and that was because of my husband’s family being here. Lots of people complain, but few do anything.