Jennifer Wexton Plays Dirty Politics

Posted January 10th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Jennifer WextonPreviews 2014 Dem Playbook!  There is a special election on January 21st for an empty seat in the Virginia State Senate – and a truly nasty MoonBat Democrat is running a terrible TV ad.

It’s the old “Are you still beating your wife?” play.   It’s despicable – but it shows just how low Democrats will sink, – and what Republican candidates will be facing all across this land this Fall.   Watch as she calls TEA Party members and Republicans ‘rapists’ below the fold.

If she wins with this kind of fear-mongering ad2014 will be a VERY UGLY YEAR in American politics.  But we already know that Democrats [aka Socialists] will tell any lie necessary to win

And Jennifer is on the WRONG SIDE of most issues that matter to American Patriots!

She’s all over UN Agenda 21, gun registration, and letting anybody vote without proper ID.  In other words, she’s a full-fledged 21st Century World socialist!

CAUTION AMERICA:  There are very powerful and very evil Democrats behind Wexton’s campaign – they’re testing this tactic.

Wexton Auto-Reply

3 Responses to “Jennifer Wexton Plays Dirty Politics”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Soooo how long before Hillary pegs her as a running mate?

  2. Walter Knight

    She’s from Virginia. Sounds like a carpetbagger to me.

  3. Bill Zitsch

    Where exactly does she call tea party Republicans rapist? You’ve got one hell of an imagination, Seeing things that don’t exist

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