Jennifer Aniston Gets The Last Laugh

Posted September 20th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Angelina Jolie is going for a Three-peat,  – dumping self-absorbed pretty-boy Brad Pitt, – because he smokes too much weed, drinks too much, and is rough on their six (6) kids….
Just a hunch,  but I’m thinking Mister Pitt will be far less involved with far-flung ’causes’ as he struggles to meet child support obligations…. How long before he has new arm candy?

Pitt always struck me as being an air-headed pretty boy.


Must have been tough keeping up with an activist wife….who had more interest in adopting children than pampering him….?


Regular readers are shaking their heads and wondering why I posted this…


ONE:  In addition to their three natural children, Pitt and Jolie adopted three ‘orphans’ from around the world. I think they were showing off – being ‘better world citizens than you’ – and thus making their statement.

Now those kids will be shuttled and batted about like pawns in a chess match…. MONEY doesn’t make good parents.  Neither does fame – particularly Hollywood fame.

TWO:   I am deliberately baiting the empty-headed millennial voters – the ‘Bernie Babes’ – to come on RRB – using the photo of Aniston’s breasts as bait.   Can’t wait to see if it works….

HEY STUPID PEOPLE:  A career criminal – and lifelong liarHillary Clinton – is the Democrat candidate for president.

Obama Clinton benghazi cover-up

She is likely DYING from Parkinson’s Disease – and has other serious medical issues – which would preclude her from carrying out her duties….

…yet many women want to vote for her anyway – so they can have a WOMAN PRESIDENT…

AND,…YOU,…with just 47 days to the election – are wasting time looking at Aniston’s tits and Jolie’s tattoos?   

Can you find Benghazi on a map?

Benghazi Dead

4 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston Gets The Last Laugh”

  1. Catherine

    I can find Benghazi on a map. And I can make a guess at the Turkish-aided smuggling routes for the illegal arms to our ENEMIES that Ambassador Stevens negotiated and was the fall guy for. Poor stupid idiot; probably thought he was going to get a cushy job as thanks. Problem with that type of job is that the best way to keep the “courier” from ever spilling the beans is to make sure they can never talk again.

  2. William Clark

    Proof there is a shallow end of the pool,to somehow align the separation of two people with other conspiracies.

    Truly a dark triad, possible similar events in ones past…..

  3. FLICK

    The real message is not wasted on the choir here Mike. Re: the doper and the tattooed lady-another diversion from the real issues with a resultant 6 more f’d up children given a pass when they start dying off from overdoses.

    Who cares???

  4. John Pagel

    Coverage of this not worth the energy expended by RRB

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