January 10th – Obama’s Farewell Address!

Posted January 2nd, 2017 by Iron Mike

Next Tuesday Obama will deliver his long-awaited ‘farewell address’.  He says George Washington set the precedent.   He’s flying to Chicago to deliver it.

He’ll have LOTS of Secret Service protection as he re-enters the old war zone….

Obama’s long-time political buddy Rahm Emmanuel is mayor there,  – elected in 2011 and re-elected in 2015,…despite the murder rate…..

After Trump’s victory,   smart-ass Emmanuel was quick to grab TV cameras and promise that Chicago would always remain a sanctuary city.

I’m pretty sure Obama will say something supportive,…while ignoring the murder rate.  

Or,…he’ll blame ‘guns’….while ignoring the fact that Chicago has the most restrictive gun laws in the nation.

He probably won’t mention Chicago’s chronically high (over 6% – even by Obama statistics) unemployment rate….

7 Responses to “January 10th – Obama’s Farewell Address!”

  1. Jim Gettens

    How can we say “Good-Bye” when this Piece of Shit won’t go away????

  2. integrity 1st

    Why would he pick Chicago where he has ignored the carnage and done nothing for them when it is so reflective of Democrat blight?

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    The only real beauty of this event will be, (with all the networks blathering it up….) if no one watches it….


    …or,…a massive blizzard,…grounding AF One….

  4. Jim

    Obama will never set foot anyplace dangerous. He doesn’t have the cojones to do it. He will continue to blame everyone else for anything bad in his vicinity. Please, Obama, fade off into oblivion. We’ve had more than enough.

  5. SpecialSnowflake

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Chicago’s unemployment rate is about half of what it was in January, 2010…

    It is a difficult situation in Chicago, no doubt. One could argue that CPD’s murder of Laquan McDonald, an unarmed black man shot 16 times, created the atmosphere wherein people are justifiably mad at police culture and the resulting few bad actors, and the many good cops don’t want to have their good-faith actions misinterpreted and broadcast virally. You could also attribute some of the rise in gun violence in Chicago to (a) lenient sentences for repeat gun offenders and (b) lax gun laws in states and areas around Chicago.

    I doubt many of Chicago’s murders were a result of remaining a sanctuary city. Gun violence is something refugees are generally trying to escape.


    Jeez Snowflake – how STUPID are you?

    WHO has been controlling labor statistics these past 8 years? OBAMA’S LABOR DEPT!!!

    We have 95,000,000 Americans OUT of work….and you won’t find that number in the BLS website!

  6. SpecialSnowflake

    95 million Americans would be 40% of the adult population in America. That’s an absurd figure. The Labor Department, like all executive branch departments, is full of lifelong bureaucrats who wouldn’t sacrifice their reputation to help one administration or another.



  7. Blossom Stiefel

    When the Obama’s exit the White House, our country and the world will have great hope for our future.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish! YAHOO!!!!!

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