James Lambert Otis: Rich Liberal Criminal

Posted October 28th, 2016 by Iron Mike

As is so often the way,  rich liberals assume they are above the law.  They can always hire the best lawyers,  can always post high bail,  – and when pleading their case before liberal judges,  – can always claim their motives were for ‘the greater good’.  It works far too often; – they slide,  – where you and I would be doing hard time.
Otis is rich, – heir to the Otis Elevator fortune.

He claimed to have been outraged by Donald Trump’s ‘mistreatment of women’…

…in other words,…he was totally suckered in by the liberal media…

So like any good liberal – he took action.

He planned,  he prepared,  and he ventured forth at 5 AM Wednesday dressed as a construction worker,  – to hammer away at Donald’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Like all Liberal Nazis – he was judge, jury, and hangman.

Otis undoubtedly expected a dose of justice – Rich Man’s Justice.

He is likely expecting a brief court hearing,  a civil fine,  writing a check to cover the restitution,…and an endless series of lunch and dinner invitations from admiring Hollywood Elites.

But the price of the damaged star took him into the felony range,  and the local cops don’t seem amused.

All that planning,  preparation,  and his pre-dawn attack…

….constitute premeditation!

We shall await to see if this Social Justice Victim’s Champion does some real jail time….

The Hollywood Elites may be less than fans, – since they don’t want other ‘Social Justice Champions’ coming to destroy their stars.


The FINAL IRONY for Mister Otis is that the real hero – the guy getting the favorable press,  – is a homeless guy who has taken up residence to guard the repaired star.

This guy – with his Trump sign – is showing more class and more dignity than Otis can ever dream of.



1.  What do you tell your kids about your crime and about respecting private and public property?

2.  If you were ‘outraged’ by Trump’s alleged misdeeds,  – why weren’t you outraged by homelessness in Hollywood?   

Was this guy invisible to you….?   Can you see him now…?

UPDATE:   Friday 18 Nov 2016   Yesterday Otis was formally charged with Felony Vandalism,  – faces $10K fine and 3 years in jail.  He’s due in court today.

3 Responses to “James Lambert Otis: Rich Liberal Criminal”

  1. Panther 6

    Mr. Otis will probably escape with a hand slap. And no he could not see that homeless gent who has taken up the mantle of STAR protector. That guy is so far beneath Otis, whose elevator must not go all the way to the top (pun by accident) that he never encountered the defender. If he did, Otis would ignore him.

  2. Hawk1776

    Let’s see. Guy who inherited millions of dollars sets up a financial services company to promote his pet projects. Can’t stand Donald Trump so his major act of defiance is to destroy Trump’s Hollywood star. This guy is playing with a short deck. It’s a good thing he inherited money because the odds of being successful on his own are slim.

    And why is it always the Democrats who destroy opposition artifacts?

  3. Iron Mike

    Same reason they steal lawn signs, key cars, steal ballot boxes and vote multiple times.

    They REALLY believe the ends justify their means,…i.e. ANYTHING to win,…and ANYTHING to feel good.

    They are the party of whiners and whims.