Jail Time For Pelosi!

Posted March 6th, 2010 by Iron Mike

The most politically powerful woman in America – and inarguably the most hated – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi swept into Boston’s historic Charles Street Jail Friday.   My reaction was “How very fitting!”   The place is under new management as the Liberty Hotel,  and she came to rescue a drowning sock puppet – Rep Carol Shea-Porter of New Hampshire.   So why come to Boston?   With socialist dreams crumbling around her, Pelosi needs every loyal sock-puppet she can get.

Just a year into her second term, lifetime teacher/social worker Shea-Porter has thoroughly outraged the highly independent and conservative NH voters she’s been misrepresenting.  She brags about voting with Obama and Pelosi over 90% of the time.  Now she’s been unable to raise enough money to buy bumper stickers.  NH money has dried up.  What to do?

Go to MoonBat Central – the Boston-Cambridge area and plead the Cause!  Maddam Speaker will come work her magic spells, and the checkbooks will come flying out, and she’ll get to vote for Socialism for another term.

So at taxpayer expense, the Speaker arrived at the Liberty Hotel – formerly known as the Charles Street Jail – to save her drowning sock puppet.  And there were those damned TEA Party people – giving her hell and causing the Botox to get all wrinkly.

We won’t know until Shea-Porter files her quarterly report with the FEC,  but from the paltry scattering of wealthy liberals I observed, – this event barely paid for Pelosi’s armored SUV.   People slipped in hoping to be unnoticed, and were visibly slinking away when it was over.  Body language and posture tells a lot, – these were not proud defiant liberals.  Even Mass Gov Duh-val Patrick was out of town – down in NYC begging for Socialist $$$.   Just two dozen activist TEA Partiers were enough to totally ruin a good lunch.

Hey Carol,  if I’ve misread the event – prove me wrong!  Bye-bye Carol!

/s/  Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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  1. Rabid Republican

    I am SO enjoying posting comments at the end of the Glob article… baiting the socialists with simple language so they can understand. They are soooooo predictable. I shall not even revisit to see what they’ve written. I could probably write it myself if I decided to lose half my brain.