Jacksonville’s Rude City Inspector

Posted April 17th, 2018 by Iron Mike

How many times have you been treated rudely or dismissively by a snotty government employee?

It happened again in Jacksonville, Florida when City Inspector Melinda Power took on a local merchant – and their customers….  This time there was video,  – and she’s on leave.

Most times when we deal with rude or power-drunk government employees (technically OUR employees) we don’t have witnesses,  video,  or legal back-up.

This story has a happier ending!


If you live in Jacksonville – stop by Jaguar and tell ’em you saw the story on RRB,  and “Keep ’em FLYING!”

2 Responses to “Jacksonville’s Rude City Inspector”

  1. Ben

    She opened a mean bee-hive. You are absolutely right they are supposed to be working for the public. No reason she could not have handled that a lot better.

  2. Panther 6

    Great move on the part of the Mayor. Finally some common sense from a politician. And the inspector,,,well do they have a position for fecal matter inspector at the local dog pound,,,nay better yet she should be fired. Anyone who can’t control their temper any better than that should be inspecting sXXt.

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