It Was Never A Fair Fight…

Posted October 17th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight!”   Don’t bring a Boehner to a Chicago-style street fight!
Never a fair fight

The mismatch was clear all along:  – Obama’s twerp Jay Carney was more articulate telling lies than John Boehner was telling Americans the truth.

Yes, Boehner and the GOP lost a fight.  Guess whose side the media was on…

We’ll have to see next November if voters will reward those who tried to carry the fight,  – or if they’ll swallow Obama’s lies and blame the GOP for everything.

It was a worthy fight.  It still is!  But Republicans better wake up – we’re not up against fellow Americans in this fight – we’re up against 21st Century World Socialists.

These socialist BASTARDS hate our country        
         – they hate the very
IDEA of America!

In Obama they found a true leader.  He hates our country, our history and culture, our Constitution, and most of all, – he hates our people. Thus his orders to ‘make it hurt’.

Republicans better grasp this reality, – understand that the Harry Truman Democrats are all dead – and we’re not going to ‘win over friends and win votes’ by being nicer than the other side.

‘Honey attracts more flies than vinegar’ may work with flies. It doesn’t work with Socialists. They don’t want honey, – they’re vampires, – they want your blood!

The ‘Democrats’ we’re up against – at the local level,  in your schools and town halls,  – in your state legislatures,  – and in Washington are NOT American patriots.  They want a world where everybody is equal’  – where a world government [run by the ruling elite] makes the rules, – and where there are no ‘evil rich people’ left to ‘exploit the under-class’.

[Exploiting the under-classes will be Government’s job…]

So we need more Ted Cruzs, and fewer John Boehners.  We need to stop playing nice and realize we’re up against REAL domestic enemies.  We need to dump the RiNOs; – they’re NOT on our side, and they’ll either cave, – or betray us EVERY TIME!

ANY AMERICAN who this morning ‘…is just glad the shutdown is over…so my check will come in November’ – is either too stupid to understand what just happened, – or is already a government-owned slave.

It is vital for our kid’s future that Republican and Conservative and Religious WOMEN get involved,  get organized,  and help LEAD this fight.   In two (2) short years we’ll be faced with swarms of utterly zombie-like Hillary supporters chanting about ‘our first woman president’.Hillary Zombies

Zombie-like, – they’ll care nothing about her past,  about her trail of dead bodies across Arkansas,  about Vince Foster,  about Benghazi,  about the foreign money she and Bill have pocketed over twenty years…

They’ll be focused on FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT and WOMEN’S ISSUES – period!Revenge

MEANWHILE: Brace yourselves for Obama’s REVENGE!  It’s coming!

4 Responses to “It Was Never A Fair Fight…”

  1. Tom

    Obama has successfully painted himself as the victim as substantiated by Dr. Keith Abdlo and Rush Limbaugh. Victims are never blamed why that would be unfair and in this case racist. His Marxist cohorts will always find someone else to blame, but it will never be Obama. The press and electronic media have been fully compliant and they will continue to be so. Here come immigration reform and the collapse of the Republic.

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  3. Prim

    I am not sure we need a woman to fight against Hillary. We just need someone who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty. Someone who has learned how to go on the offensive instead of the defensive. Who isn’t worried if they ruffle some feelings in Washington, and actually work for the people.

    Excluding a very small number, we have a party that goes along. There could be several reasons for this: They have been in Congress way to long and love the “ambiance” of Washington and all that entails. The Dems have some personal information that they are holding over their heads, or possibly the rest could just be called invertebrates.


    It’s not that we need “A” woman Prim, – we need ALL WOMEN in the FIGHT. 2016 cannot be about ‘finally electing a woman’; – it HAS to be about getting back to our Constitution, and cutting the size and scope of government.

  4. Casey Chapman

    Time to re-read Animal Farm. That’s just how the deems see us. They see themselves as “more equal”.