Islamic ‘Justice’ vs COEXIST…

Posted March 1st, 2014 by Iron Mike

In Maskanah, Northern Syria – 50 miles south of Turkey, Syrian rebels in the ISIL [Islamic State of Iran and the Levant] live-tweeted the punishment for an alleged thief, – including the reading of his ‘request‘ to have his hand removed so he wouldn’t steal again.
Islamic Justice  Maskanah

You ~ might ~ want to print out one of these pictures,  keep it in your wallet – and show it to some fool driving around with a Coexist sticker on their car.

Fair Trial
Of course these ISIS goons weren’t really interested in handing out the traditional punishment for a thief.   They were far more interested in making a political statement about how serious they are, – and how ruthless they intend to be in reaching their goals.

Ya gotta hand it to them,  – they made their point.

CONTEXT:   In the Islamic world, people eat only with their right hands – because they wipe their asses [usually without toilet paper] with their left hands.  

By cutting off the eating hand, – they have sentenced this man to eat for the rest of his life with his shitty hand.

cut marks on the table

Understand, – these guys are NOT universally popular with the average Syrians. But when they come to town,  armed and with a plan,  – and the average citizens are UNARMED […like Eric Holder, Deval Patrick, and David Linsky want you to be…],  who is going to stop them from chopping off hands, – or heads?

Treasure your God-given right of self defense, and our 2nd Amendment. 

If you choose not to own a gun, – that’s your choice.   Just understand the consequences….  And if you’re imposing your choice on your family,….be prepared for a visit from Evil.

3 Responses to “Islamic ‘Justice’ vs COEXIST…”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    This is the manifestation of Sharia Law, which many states are considering. This is the complete antithesis of English Common Law, the basis of the rule of law in this Constitutional Republic. Why would even the most politicall correct among us see this barbaric law as an alternative to what has been our law since 1789. These very same PC people are against capital punishment and for abortion, which is in and of itself is a dichotomy.

  2. Jim Gettens


  3. Varvara

    In the 1st photo he is held while they place a blindfold on him. In the 2nd photo he is held, securely, by two men and a third and forth hold the rod to keep his wrist steady. In the 3rd and last photo there is no need to hold him, he has fainted. This third photo is the one the MSM does not show the public. BTW, it took 4 attempts to cut the hand off. Usually they give the hand to the poor bloke to kiss it, touch his forehead and hold it up to Allah.

    There are more than 30 men and at least one boy for that day’s entertainment.

    Iron Mike is correct, they don’t use toilet paper, there is none. Yes, they do use water when available. If not they will use rocks or any hard object, in the proscribed way, according to Reliance of the Traveller. These rules can be found at: e9.1 to e10.0. This is A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law.