Hubbard Mayor Richard Keenan (D) Loves Kids

Posted March 19th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Dear God,…may I never have to report another crime as sick as this one.   Former mayor of Hubbard, Ohio changed his plea to GUILTY – in return for a LIFE sentence,  – with the ~ possibility ~ of parole after 10 years.  He’ll be 75 then.

The sickest part…?   He stated repeatedly that the 4- year old,  – who he raped over a 3+ year period,… “was a willing participant”.

As you’ll see in the video of the moments after his conviction (he’s free on $75,000 prior to sentencing) – his family remains supportive,  unashamed,  and hostile.

I guess they’re all “good Democrats”.….they’re already claiming ‘victim status’.

Frankly,…he’s unlikely to survive 10 years in any prison…..just say’in…

Somehow I doubt that there was ~ just this one tiny victim ~ over his lifetime.

5 Responses to “Hubbard Mayor Richard Keenan (D) Loves Kids”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    Another scumbag out of circulation, maybe even for ever. Cons really love diddlers….

  2. Sherox

    May he rot in hell! These maggots that allow these “people” to walk free or to get anything other than the death penalty, slowly, painfully, deserve the same. That poor little girl.

  3. Catherine

    If the family is “supportive, unashamed, and hostile” then my guess would be THEY are also worth investigating. In general, the ONLY people who are not offended and disgusted by such vile and despicable actions – are those who also take part in them.

  4. Panther 6

    Agree with all comments. This guy is a pervert and got what he deserved. When the lads in the pookie learn of his crime the ex Mayor is going to have a sore spot for a long time. He may not last 10 years. Justice will be served.

  5. Sonny's Mom

    Catherine: a family of enablers?