How’s Your New Job Coming John?

Posted July 3rd, 2014 by Iron Mike

Hey Lurch, you’re 17 months into the job you always wanted. How’s it coming? Making a lot of foreign policy?
Kerry on the job 17 months

Signing a lot of peace treaties? Soothing world trouble spots? Bringing peace to troubled regions? Rescuing hostages from terrorists?

Kerry and Putin

Things OK with Russia and Putin now?

Kerry with Morsi

How about in Egypt…?   King Morsi still your BFF?

ISIS ISIL crucifixions in Iraq

Our hard-won peace in Iraq in good hands?

Kerry and Maliki in Baghdad

Maliki on top of things….?

Boko Haram kidnapping

Everything OK in Africa?

camera shy Kerry beating drum

Man-made Global Warming still our biggest threat?

Ice Sheet GREW

Getting ready to run against Hillary in 2016?

Kerry's Peace Prize pipe dreams






2 Responses to “How’s Your New Job Coming John?”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Where is he this weekend? Is he on Nantucket with the hoi polloi or on Nashon Island with the yacht? We haven’t heard any rebukes, yet, to Israel for killing the mastermind of the kidnapping and killing of the three young boys, or that collateral damage. You can be sure that Lurch, wherever he is in Nantucket Sound, will be inserting his Sperry Topsider in his very large mouth.

  2. Len Mead

    Kerry can soon join Nancy Pelosi and the Mexican Border patrols now welcoming and escorting criminal illegals to the transportation to their “new” American home — world peace is assured.
    Len Mead — Unwashed Conservative