How Will History Record This Month?

Posted October 14th, 2013 by Iron Mike

It’s been a catastrophe for Democrats, – but they keep blaming Republicans.
ObamaCare System Down

First, after 3 years to get it right, the ObamaCare website proves to be a billion dollar DUD!

Then Obama orders the government shutdown to be “…as painful to Americans as possible”.  It becomes a PR nightmare,  reminiscent of the early days of the Third Reich.

Then the EBT Card computer system goes down over a holiday weekend, – and stores are promptly looted.

The mainstream media are doing their best to ignore the Cartel’s failures, and the backlash,  – but even they can’t muffle the reaction of the few believers who manage to long onto ObamaCare – and discover what their new premiums and deductibles are.

The Obamaphiles and the Socialist faithfuls will continue to point at the TEA Party, the Republicans, and mock ‘those foolish unpatriotic veterans clamoring to see the WWII Memorial before they die’.

But Republicans didn’t engineer either computer system, or pass the laws they were built to service.

ANY REPUBLICAN worth his salt could have told you years ago that no nation – not even ours – can attempt to provide free food to 47 million government-dependent people.

And no nation can expect to provide low-cost medical care to 310 million people. Now it seems we can’t even built a computer system capable of handling the sign-ups…

So October is proving that while Democrats [aka Socialists] may be lofty dreamers, – they are utterly inept at the basics of implementing their grand schemes. HILLARY'S LEGACY

That’s the basic reason why Hillary screwed up Fast & Furious and Benghazi…they are inept!

Much SmarterOf course the TWO GENERATIONS of carefully nurtured something-for-nothing Americans are still expecting their free food and free medical care.  What can Hillary possibly tell them come 2016 to win back their loyalty. Will she say “I’m smarter than Obama!”?  What will she use as proof?

We need to be aware that ~ just maybe ~ ObamaCare was designed to fail….

Fooling Americans AgainYeah, – designed to fail so Hillary could come along in 2016 and say:

“…the only way to fix this mess is to go to single-payer national healthcare!”

Might work too, – since those two generations of something-for-nothing Democrats will still be clinging to their lofty utopian dreams,…under the First Woman President too…

And she’ll have the usual list of villains to blame: the GOP, TEA Party Republicans, the Rich, the Koch brothers, evil insurance companies, Fox News, Breitbart and Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, Mark Lavin, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, GW Bush [still], George Zimmerman, and greedy Wall Street bankers.  I sure hopes she includes RRB!

AT THIS POINT: Do any of you really expect Obama to succeed at anything honorable? Do you really expect our economy to robustly recover before 2017?

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  1. Casey Chapman

    Obama and the speaker of the house are two peas in a pod.

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