How To Be A Dumb-Ass Mayor

Posted April 11th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Prove your liberal stripes by attending a cop-killer’s funeral the same day you cancel the memorial service for the slain cop.
New Bern Cop Killer

Newly elected New Bern, NC Mayor Dana E. Outlaw has angered law-enforcement officers across the land – with two (2) really dumb-assed moves:

FIRST: He decided to attend the funeral of cop-killer / career criminal Bryan Stallings.

THEN: He canceled the public memorial service for slain Police Officer Alexander Thalmann – a Marine Reservist with two tours in Afghanistan.

Thalmann – a rookie cop with just 7 months on the force – had stopped Stallings – because there was no red flicker light on the back of his bike. 

Stallings was 35 – a career criminal with sex crimes, larceny, and resisting officer raps in both North Carolina and Florida.

Something made Thalmann call for back-up.

Craven Terrace - New Bern

When backup arrived, Stallings bolted, shot Thalmann in the face, and Officer Justin Wester in the leg.  

Despite his wound, Wester chased Stallings down, sending him to the afterlife.

Thalmann died days later in hospital.

LIBERALS – PLEASE NOTE:   Gun Laws did not keep a gun out of the hands of a career criminal!

Mayor Outlaw went to both funerals… (252) 514-7401

Rest in Peace Marine.  You deserved more respect from your mayor.

Semper Fi!

2 Responses to “How To Be A Dumb-Ass Mayor”

  1. MC

    Time for the wives and g/friends of the officers to start a recall vote of the Mayor. What an insult this Mayor is to all law enforcement! If I was working his village, he had better not even jaywalk.

  2. Casey Chapman

    Recall vote and a public shaming.