How PROUD is Susie’s Mom…?

Posted November 13th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Susie just got a gig posing as tawdry trash in an ObamaCare ad.
Racy ObamaCare Ad

Just the sort of career milestone to make a Mom proud – at the Holidays. The full ad is below the fold – because it’s really not suitable for teenagers…

SOMEBODY in the Obama Cartel thinks selling ObamaCare to low information voters is critical enough to justify using sexually blunt and socially disgusting ads – and having them forever linked to our White House. tough broads

It sort of proves what we already knew – that this Cartel has a very low opinion of Americans,  and traditional American values.  I’m just amazed they didn’t stoop to using high-school kids in these ads.  Maybe by January…?Full Ad

There are a whole series of these – aimed directly at 20-somethings – featuring unsafe acts,  partying,  drinking,  sexually overt messaging,  and tacitly ignoring the norms of religious teachings…   Very in-your-face!

Your tax $$$ paid for all of them!   You’ll be paying to have them run in print and on the internet.   All part of HOPE and CHANGE!

If you were Susie’s mom, – would you be proud of her this morning?

As a taxpayer, – are you proud to be paying for these ads?

QUESTION:  Why haven’t the Democrat women in Congress – who rant about a so-called ‘Republican War on Women’ – been outraged at the Obama Cartel treating young American Women as stupid sluts?   Where is their outrage?

5 Responses to “How PROUD is Susie’s Mom…?”

  1. Tom

    This cartel will stoop as low as possible to try to reel in those twenty something’s who have been dumped from Mom and Dad’s policy. It is absolutely disgusting that our tax dollars are being used to sell Obamacare solely for the purpose of snaring those oversexed young adults who fall for this despicable advertising.

  2. Karen G

    Every day, for the last 5 years, I wake up and ask myself — what is our pResident going to do today to shock, irritate, or disappoint me? These ads elevate my shock, irritation, and disappointment to a whole new level. As the mother of two teens I am OFFENDED by these idiotic and disgusting ads. Shameless pigs living in the White House…

  3. MC

    You can tell just what this administration thinks of their younger voters.

    So much for the ‘Republican war on woman’. But then again, we know that the local resident would rather swing the other way!

  4. Casey Chapman

    I hope his nibs likes them because we sure don’t.

  5. Casey Chapman

    They must be trying to appeal to the fringe element, because main stream Americans aren’t like this (I hope).