How Many People Can John Kerry Betray?

Posted December 28th, 2016 by Iron Mike

He ranks right up there with Benedict Arnold, Judas, Bill Clinton, Mitt Romney, and Barack Obama…..
Damned sure he didn’t write his own speech,  – which he thinks will launch his 2020 presidential run….

Kerry with Julia, – his starlet collection

This this thing is 1 hour 14 minutes long,…if you have the stomach.

WARNING:  He’s still stuck on the “1967 lines” which Israel has long said are indefensible and would be a suicide pact….

Gigolo John – you have 22 days left in office.   How much more damage do you plan to do?

Please just go away and live quietly spending Theresa’s ketchup fortune.

7 Responses to “How Many People Can John Kerry Betray?”

  1. Hawk1776

    John Kerry is, and has been, a disgrace. He will go down in history as a Senator and Secretary of State that did absolutely nothing. He lives in a fantasy world with himself at the center. He’s a zero. Goodbye John and good riddance. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

  2. Mt Woman

    Well said Hawk1776. I couldn’t stand to listen to Kerry yak again, he’s the definition of “repulsive”. PLEEZZZ, just go away!!

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    You know, I’ve pretty much hardened myself to the idiotic comings and goings of the current administration. I’ve shuddered and then giggled at the pronouncements and behavior of our narcissist-in-chief, thinking he can’t embarrass the United States more than he already has…..until today….by sending John Kerry to speak at the UN.

    John Kerry, a gold-digging fraud of a Naval officer, joke of a United States Senator and incompetent twit of a United States Secretary of State with a fake Brahman accent has equalled, if not relieved, the pResident of that distinction.

    Kerry’s rant before the UN today demonstrates the utter shambles the pResident and he, and the corrupt incompetent who preceeded him, have made of US foreign policy. By throwing Israel under the bus yet one more time, they have demonstrated their utter lack of understanding of the history and precarious situation of Israel and how much Israel has sacrificed to keep its tiny nation alive and well. Every time Israel has relinquishes something to the Arabs, their reward has been rockets, raids, murderers and suicide bombers.

    Let’s be clear, there has never been a state or country of Palestine to be stolen from Palestinians. There is no Palestinian language nor a culture that can be distinctly attributed to a Palestinian people, just another branch of the Arab family tree. It wasn’t until the UN recognized a little piece of desert between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea as a homeland for Jews (a little piece of desert that history records having been inhabited by Jews for millenia, incidentally…..) that a ramshackle bunch of Arab nomads started screaming about a Palestine…. Why they weren’t screaming at Trans Jordan at that time is beyond me, since that’s where the ancestors of these screaming nomads lived.

    So now we have a tiny democratic country named Israel, surrounded by antagonistic Arab countries (although Jordan has moderated enormously, while Egypt now sits on a cusp…) that in 1967 was attacked by those antagonists. But that tiny little country kicked their asses back behind their own borders, but carved out a few chunks to improve its own safety and survival.

    Now Bumbling John Kerry wants Israel to give those chunks, their spoils of war, back. By this standard, shall the United States return New England down to Virginia to England? Or Florida to Spain? Or Louisianna and other states between the Mississippi and the Rockies to France? Or Texas to California back to Mexico? (Well…returning California to Mexico might not be a bad idea….) The people who call themselves Palestinians have bitten every hand that has fed them, and they still want more…

    My very long, very wordy point is we need to get these lame duck morons to shut their mouths and accept that their failures will simply relegate them to footnotes in History, and let a president and administration love America and want to see her great again take over without having to patch the potholes these twits are leaving him.

  4. GreenBeretLTC

    Adding to the commentary above, it’s not likely the Arabs living in Israel today would want to trade places with their Arab brothers and in surrounding countries. I mean, my goodness, Arabs in Israel have better Living standards than many of their neighbors and they even run for and get elected to government positions. Jews can’take do that in neighboring countries.

  5. Kojack

    GreenBeretLTC, thank you for that history of the region. A caller narrated the same history to Mike Segal today with the additional information that it was the DETESTABLE SCUMBAG Yasser Arafat who started calling the displaced Arabs Palestinians. No Arab country would take them in so as to keep the conflict fresh.

    The captured terrain that the horse’s ass Kerry wants Israel to give back would just be used as a staging area for future assaults just as land that they did give back previously was used.

  6. GreenBeretLTC

    Right on, Kojak. I don’t know who Mike Segal is, but maybe his caller read my posting before he called in….! I could have gone on, and on, and on…

    I’m soon to enter my 70th decade. I had a 12-year Sisters of Mercy and Christian Brothers education (back when we were still blaming Jews for killing Christ…) followed by four college degrees. Unlike students of today, somewhere along that line I learned history… But then again, I was also mentored by Iron Mike, and that’s made a difference….

  7. Sonny's Mom

    John Kerry’s “solution” for Israel…