How Cronkite Destroyed American Journalism

Posted November 30th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Matt Lauer was only 9 years old that fateful February day when America’s beloved Uncle Walter delivered his pompous and totally skewed analysis on the war in Vietnam.

He was terribly wrong,  and he cost America our self respect,  – and cost the peoples of Vietnam and Cambodia unspeakable horrors.  The arrogance of sexual predators like Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose are just more unintended consequences of Cronkite’s cowardly shortsightedness.

There was no doubt of Cronkite courage in his early years of reporting during WWII – where he landed with the 101st Airborne in a glider,  and flew on B-17 bombing missions over Germany.

But WWII may have burned up the last of his courage.

By the time he was in Vietnam in early ’68 – to cover our fight after the NVA’s Têt Offensive – maybe he’d seen too much of war.  He came home a defeatist.

In his nightly newscast on Feb 27th – he summarized the situation on the ground as an unwinnable stalemate – and advocated for a negotiated settlement.

That broadcast took the fight out of many Americans – already war-weary from WWII and Korea. Oriental people didn’t seem worth fighting for….

It also broke the will of President Lyndon Johnson – and a month later he announced he would not seek re-election.

The press suddenly realized that by skewing their reporting – and their ‘analysis’ on TV in particular – they could steer the mood of the country. 

It marked the beginning of the end of honest journalism.

By early 2008 the media was suddenly in love with the idea of “Our First Black President” – and refused to vet the man behind the skin color.  

Worse, – anybody who spoke up with either DOUBT or FACTS about Obama (aka the new Baby Jesus) was branded a RACIST!

So we endured 8 years of the most anti-American and most corrupt president ever.  Across the Middle East – hundreds of thousands of people were killed….

After the Benghazi Massacre in 2012 – the Media made most Americans think it was somehow just a crime committed by some Libyans – and that the FBI needed to investigate the matter without interference.

Today most liberals still don’t understand the TREASON behind the attack.  But Obama WAS re-elected – easily!  They also convinced many Americans that Romney was a ‘Republican’…

But Matt Lauer was flourishing – interviewing the president on a regular basis,  – even as he was flinging his hyper-active penis around the workplace.  Lauer must have viewed himself as one of the Journalism Gods on Mount Olympus….able to do anything he pleased,…and yes – he did please himself….

Today the man who was so pointedly rude to Donald Trump throughout 2016 – while remaining so deferential to Hillary, – is facing far worse than his public frog march out of NBC.

Depending on his various sins – and the Statues of Limitations,…he may be facing criminal charges for RAPE and Sexual Assault….

Whom the Gods would destroy…

– they shall first raise up….”


It is a long hard fall from doing an interview with the president in the White House,   – to being out of a job,…and waiting for the Special Victims Unit to show up with an arrest warrant.

As we watch events unfold be mindful of three constant factors:

The same media which REFUSED to fully investigate or report on Obama in 2008 and 2012,  and on Hillary in 2016 – – will STILL be trying to minimize the amount of media bleeding the PUBLIC sees…. (That means they’ll try to keep their dirty secrets to themselves – fuck you in the public!)

There will be some women who will try to jump on the “Me too” bandwagon – looking for a big payday.  Remain skeptical….   If Gloria Allred shows up – just laugh!

There is likely a WHOLE LAYER of EVEN WORSE yet to come.   At some point we are likely to see some truly disgusting arrests for child porn and pedophilia.  I believe it is widespread enough to account for the general lack of reporting and follow-up on known cases.

And this all crept into a once-proud profession because Cronkite convinced two generations of “Journalists” that they could steer public opinion and achieve desired outcomes – by shading and obscuring the truth.

Today young people don’t go into Journalism to ‘Tell the Truth’ or ‘Inform the Public’;  – – they go into it to “Change the World!”

Between Agenda-driven Media LIARS and Union School Teachers – our Constitutional Republic is hanging by a THREAD… you have a LOT of WORK to do between now and 2020!

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  1. Walter Knight

    Matt Lauer had a button under his desk that locked his office door from the inside. I’m wondering, when the work order to install that device was written or requested, did anyone think it strange? How do you even request such a thing?


    Most likely brought in his own locksmith on a Saturday or a Sunday. REEKS of premeditation….