Hobby Lobby WINS: 5 – 4, Obama Loses!

Posted June 30th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Three Cheers for the Unborn! Thank God!! And damn unto HELL the baby-killing liberal four!
Hobby Lobby Wins 5 to 4

7 Responses to “Hobby Lobby WINS: 5 – 4, Obama Loses!”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    He wants to mandate health care, abortion, abortifacients to kill the unborn , but he wants to open the borders for unaccompanied illegals from Central, South America and who knows where else. Is this not oxymoronic, or is this part of his grand plan to overwhelm the system? Now he wants $2B to fund their deportation. Do you really believe this scam since with the exception of Mexico court proceedings are required. This is just the make the House GOP look bad and the Dem pro bono lawyers are already in place. Ready for blanket amnesty because this will SAVE the $2B. They will also be reunited with their parents, at our expense adfinatum.

  2. Casey Chapman

    They are talking about installing an internet use tax, too. At least we won this one.

  3. MC

    The employees of Hobby Lobby enjoy working there– besides being better paid than most retail stores. Part-time starts at $9.50 hr & full time $14.50 as well as being closed on Sundays.

    You know they didn’t want Zero messing with their benefits.

  4. William Clark

    Prediction – Hobby Lobby primarily sells to women, in 6 Mos. women will have voted with their wallet. Hobby Lobby will file for bankruptcy protection.

    This vote was a slippery slope, now any privately held corporation or small business can decide what part of an insurance plan will or will not apply to a employee.

    Prohibit certain well-care, long term care, life choices, elderly, women, child care, adoptions, mental illness, disease not in keeping with some moral standards and including medical and selective abortions.

    I guess Sarah Palin was right, A health care act could create a death panel, but not at the government level, with your employer.

    Example: Maybe the state of Alaska with all of the children born with fetal alcohol syndrome (currently an epidemic in Alaska) won’t be covered by insurance. Placing the burden on the State of Alaska social services.


    Gee Bill, other than posting snarky blog comments, – is there anything you want to do for yourself, – without a government program and free money?

    I think Hobby Lobby will be just fine.

    In fact, my wife just said “Let’s go buy something there!”. We also patronize Chick-fil-A!

    Your juxtaposition of ‘Death Panels’ and birth control shows how little you actually THINK before you spew your hatred…

    Why are Democrats so eager to kill American babies, – while they remain so eager to import illegals?

    “Slippery slope”? Really? Since WHEN did our Constitution say it was GOVERNMENT’S job to tell private employers what benefits they MUST provide?

    What exactly is it about Free Enterprise that you find so objectionable?

  5. Paul J Baldi

    Great day for America!! Anytime we can mess with his Royal
    Highness, Emperor “O”, and the Nazi-led labor unions, is
    indeed a great day!!! Even after he tied to stuff the high Court with liberal ACLU judges he lost!!

  6. Walter Knight

    This is a tricky case that sets the foundation for more cases to come. Why did some liberals support this case giving some small corporations religious rights? Not because of the abortion issue. Imposing Sharia law or similar lunacy in the workplace is the next step and ultimate goal. It will be a while, but it’s coming.

    This is why single-issue voting is dangerous.

  7. MC

    I hate to disappoint the liberals with their dire predictions but just returned from our local Hobby Lobby. Being friendly with the manager, I asked if the current ruling had any effect on their sales. She smiled and laughed. “Look around. You tell me!” It looked like an after Christmas sale had taken place.

    Tomorrow is a Hobby Lobby appreciation day. Will have to return and show my support.

    It is always fun to prove the liberals wrong.