Hillary Has ‘Medical Episode’ at 9/11 Service

Posted September 11th, 2016 by Iron Mike

The old gray mare felt ill,  – stumbled off a curb,  – lost a shoe getting into her van, – and was whisked away.
Even if she was an honest person, – she’s too sick to be president!
Watch her collapse – before she is quickly surrounded by handlers and Secret Service….

Watch the media try to explain that ‘this is nothing’….


Now filmed from a slightly different angle – you can see her stumble – before she goes down.

Folks,  this probably happens on a regular basis when she’s at home,  – which is why she’ been holding so few events,  and ZERO press conferences….

.and the media and her handlers keep it all covered up….

WILL YOU?   Will you keep a ‘respectful Democrat silence’,  – or will you speak up like a patriot – and DEMAND THE TRUTH?

Does she have Parkinson’s?

Does she have diabetes?

Does she have a brain injury?

Is she on too many drugs?

UPDATE:   6 PM Sunday 11 Sept 2016    Her doctor has a cover story!

dr-bardackPer Dr. Lisa Bardack – she was diagnosed LAST FRIDAY with pneumonia – put on antibiotics – and told to rest.

Really Doc…? Then what was she doing Friday night calling Trump supporters “a basket of deplorables”…?

It is a rule in the espionage business:  – when you get caught,  – always admit to some sordid petty crime,  – so they stop looking for the bigger one you were plotting.

OK, here is a scary video.   Watch at your own risk;   – does Hillary have Subcortical Vascular Dementia, – and does she have only months or at best a few years to live?

9 Responses to “Hillary Has ‘Medical Episode’ at 9/11 Service”

  1. Varvara

    Why is she wearing sun glasses on a cloudy day? Her hair is a mess and her face is swollen. Make-up job is poor and she has her lips tightly closed. She probably didn’t sleep well (do to being sick) and didn’t want not to be at the ceremony.

  2. Sherox

    I often wonder if this is real or phony or part of a bigger plan.

  3. Varvara

    Breibart has a video of HRC being half carried half dragged out to her SUV. At that point she can not stand up and is placed in the SUV and is immediately surrounded by large men blocking the view of cameras. The last thing you see is her right leg stiff and not moving. Hence, she lost a shoe.

  4. Clinton ma tea party

    I sometimes wonder myself if this is just another Clinton plot to get out of trouble. Or it may be all the dirty doings and souls the clintons have killed coming back to haunt her ass. Interesting thing to think about today being 911. The same people and countries who killed so many Americans on 9/11 by the same people and countries who have given Millions to the Clinton Foundation and to the Clinton election just make sure she gets re-elected something to think about.

  5. Hawk1776

    It is clearly time for her to give it up. What an immense ego must drive this woman. She obviously knows she has a medical issue that preludes her from becoming President.

  6. Kojack

    If The Donald went on over-drive for a couple of weeks, it might kill her trying to keep up and there would be nothing the democraps could say about it. Then he could run against her low-energy VP pick and win easily.

  7. Jim Gettens

    Hildebeast needs a better veterinarian.

  8. Walter Knight

    Clinton is being propped up like “Weekend at Bernie’s.” https://sp.yimg.com/ib/th?id=OIP.Mc1109115618fceaebe1689e9d65cfe26H0&pid=15.1&rs=1&c=1&qlt=95&w=202&h=121

  9. Liberty Mom

    Hillary has Parkinson’s Disease:

    update about her eyes:

    Dyskinesia (side effect from PD meds) and blue glasses:

    PD freeze (what happened with Hillary’s feet at 911 when her PD meds wore off and her feet would not follow the lead of her escorted upper body): https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=mqoMDWAP7zM

    PD meds, L-Dopa are fast acting: https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=0K2e5C0Y7pQ

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