Hillary Clinton’s Dismal Future

Posted November 12th, 2016 by Iron Mike

The Arabs want their money back,  – she drinks heavily,  – Benghazi isn’t going away,  – and Trump is likely to appoint Trey Gowdy as Attorney General.
Bill will still be chasing pussy,  – her loyal entourage will drift away (some accepting plea deals in exchange for testimony),  and she has no power and no future positions to offer.   Her bevy of Klingon sycophants will find new sponsors willing to be flattered.

With Secret Service agents who loathe her watching her every move; – she’ll be reduced to living on her government pensions and ~ maybe ~ her Social Security.

Between her advancing Parkinson’s Disease and her unchecked drinking, – her health will rapidly deteriorate; – she has no hope of mounting a 2020 comeback.

And she may have to accept a Presidential Pardon from Obama – just to stay out of prison.

NOTE: Let’s watch and see how much Obama makes her squirm – and pay up – before he grants one…..

We know he is a vindictive bastard – who has no friends of his own. He too is facing a lonely future….but that’s another story….


Hillary could try to write another book,  – but unless it’s a TELL ALL,  – who would buy it?  

Any book tour she tried would look like her recent campaign appearances,…poorly attended to the point of embarrassment.

For a little while – maybe 6 months – she’ll be invited to appear on the Sunday morning talk shows,  – until she shows up drunk or drugged….and the networks figure out that folks at home are switching channels…


She’ll be invited to few cocktail parties,…fewer and fewer as time goes by.  People will quickly tire of her blaming everybody but herself.

None of the Wall Street companies who used to pay her $250K for a speech will even take her calls. The word is “Isolated”.

senator-squawEven more galling,  she’ll watch Senator Squaw become the new darling of the Democrats…

Hillary’s future was foretold by her life of cutting corners,  ignoring laws,  lying,  cheating,  and when necessary – having people killed.

The WikiLeaked emails proved that even her lifelong ally John Podesta questioned her judgment and said she has a foul body odor.  

She’s about to join the small elite club of losers – Mike Dukakis,  Al Gore,  John Kerry,  John McCain,  and Mitt Romney.

Anybody who feels sorry for her is either willfully ignorant – or just as evil as she is.

If she lives another 8 years,…she’ll only have Barack and Michelle Obama to talk to,  – and they still hate her….

After awhile,  – she may wish she’d faced a firing squad.

8 Responses to “Hillary Clinton’s Dismal Future”

  1. Ron Motta

    This is another page from the “What goes around comes around”…or “NAKED AMBITION”. I only wish the worst for this truly evil woman and for those in her “inner circle” who will all go down with her as well. I hope that The First Imam doesn’t pardon her, but let Gowdy (or Giuliani) get her and feast on her retched bones.

    PS: How’d you like to be Loretta Lynch about now????

  2. Michael W Dane

    How sweet it is. Thank you DJT for standing strong.

  3. Walter Knight

    No D.C. jury will convict any Democrat.

  4. -Tommy D.


    Petition to investigate George Soros

  5. FLICK

    If the new PRESIDENT of my UNITED STATES OF AMERICA doesn’t indict/incarcerate her fat ass until B. HUSSEIN Obama is gone, how can he pardon her for ‘carelessness?’

    I can’t wait to see the CGI implode when all of those contributors start calling in their markers for services not rendered.


    Looking forward to your objective reporting on all of those future events Mike.

  6. Mt Woman

    Of all the embarrassments Hill has faced with the election and outcome, the Podesta Wikileaks must be the most painful. Even her so called friends and inner circle were shown to be vapid, angry sycophants who were only after their own spoils and recognition. John Podesta said the most horrible things about she and Chelsea, things that can’t be easily wiped away , rationalized with the emotions of the moment. Somehow using the “p” word to describe annymous woman is impersonal and much less offensive then telling associates about her personal body odor and intelligence.

  7. Raymond Smithson

    Aw winning is every thing.

  8. Kojack

    “After awhile, – she may wish she’d faced a firing squad.”

    She doesn’t deserve the dignity of a firing squad – she should be HANGED like the common criminal that she is.

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