HHS Hired Goons Threaten Doctors With Jail

Posted July 2nd, 2014 by Iron Mike

Nightmare? Contract guards threaten doctors and nurses with ARREST and JAIL if they talk about disease-ridden illegal immigrants!Girl's Dorm Lackland AFB
WHAT does Obama want kept secret – this time?  It is the medical nightmares the flood of child immigrants from Central America have brought with them – diseases which could run wild in unprotected Americans. What actually happened?

First came the flood of ‘refugees’ – mostly kids – from Central America, – encouraged by rumors of imminent Amnesty.

THEN, [surprise?] – the Obama Cartel was ‘caught off guard’ by the numbers,…as if we no longer have a functioning CIA or State Department…

Lackland AFB Texas

THEN, the Border Patrol facilities filled up,…so the cartel contracted with a church group to help manage some new centers – buildings on military bases – like conveniently located Lackland AFB outside San Antonio, Texas.

SO, HHS made a quick deal with Baptist Children’s Home and Family Services [BCFS], run by Kevin Dinnin.

And BCFS hires some ‘security guards‘.

BCFS  Kevin C Dinnin

AT LACKLAND – things took a turn for the ugly. The ‘security guards‘ – clearly acting on Cartel instructions – told medical staffers they were NOT to DISCUSS – with ANYONE – the plethora of medical problems the Central American kids had brought with them – ON PAIN OF ARREST and JAIL!

Many of the kids had measles, chicken pox, scabies, strep, and lice. It seems that Obama just wants you to envision ‘helpless kids’ – and not the diseases they bring.

So the ‘security guards’ quickly became overbearing – even joked that they were the ‘brown shirts‘.

And the Cartel began to move these kids around the country – some on chartered aircraft – some on commercial flights. Those airplanes are now infected.

At RRB, we sympathize with the kids – who are PAWNS in Obama’s plan to dissolve our national borders – that big one-world socialist dream.

And we sympathize with the medical professionals who want to treat them, – but who don’t want to be treated as second-class government servants by self-appointed bosses who demand they give up their right to speak out.

A psychiatric counselor who quit in disgust [and fear] reported that a federal agent called – demanding she return to Lackland and turn over her journal.

At some point the HHS and their hired goons will begin citing “patient’s right to privacy” – as a reason to keep the problems and the diseases under wraps while the Cartel beats the Amnesty drum

BCFS is playing their part, – as of this morning their website says NOTHING about their Lackland mission….. 

It does say they’re hiring – for positions in San Antonio… See, Federal Dollars can buy souls….


All just a “big misunderstanding”? We’re sure that the ‘most transparent administration in History’ isn’t trying to cover anything up, – right?

Obama most transparent ever

2 Responses to “HHS Hired Goons Threaten Doctors With Jail”

  1. Varvara

    Those airplanes and buses are now back in service. Can you imagine sitting on an airplane and having lice start crawling up your arm, leg or scalp?

    Apparently there are children with mental health problems. Is this Mexico’s and Central America’s solution for their overcrowded hospitals?

    I think if I had spent many years and dollars to get my education so I could help people that I would be a tad upset with an uneducated ‘brown shirt’ giving me orders and threatening me.

  2. Tom Gilroy

    You can always tell when there is a criminal enterprise being purpetrated by the cartel. They pull out the famous Obama Non-disclosure Agreements to hide by threats and bullying those government employees who now what is really being done criminally. The media should be asking this question: Why are these people being forced to NDAs under penalty of arrest and termination. Have you heard of any government employees being fired lately? Why then have these people been singled out? Looking for some patriotic whistle blowers to blow the top off this criminal cartel and their Cloward and Piven strategy to collapse the system.