Hey Media, Nana-Nana Boo Boo!

Posted November 13th, 2016 by Iron Mike

A fond look back at 16 months of lying spinmeisters…
40 years from now people will still be talking about the odds Trump overcame…with a simple message that folks fully understood.  It helped that Hillary is a lying crooked murderer…


4 Responses to “Hey Media, Nana-Nana Boo Boo!”

  1. Mike O'Neill

    You may have seen this by now, but I enjoyed hearing a liberal call out the left for their refusal to acknowledge, let alone discuss, any views that they disagree with. From university safe spaces to the media assumption of liberal superiority, this attitude, more than any single policy point, drove me crazy through this entire election cycle.



  2. Walter Knight

    Trump is being very polite, but it is not the President’s call whether to prosecute criminals. After Trump fires all the U.S. Attorneys, prosecutions need to go forward against the Clinton family mafia. This is a war, and it’s not over.

  3. Mt Woman

    The MSM and their celebrity syncofants missed this one “big league” because they didn’t want to see what was happening before them. The Trump Train movement wasn’t just a figment of the right, it was reality. Get over yourselves! As liberals you believed that Jon Stewart, the guy from SNL and their ilk are not insightful, but rather they march in lock-step group think of the liberal mantra and talking points.

  4. Jan

    Who did Hillary murder? I need to know



    Where have you been? Go Google” Arkancide

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