Her Maid!?!? OMG – Her F*¢king MAID?!?

Posted November 6th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Flagrant in-your-face criminal disregard for our national security and common sense!
Hillary had her Philippine maid print out her emails!

My hand is shaking in anger and my mouth is dry in disbelief!

This evil arrogant bitch has such flagrant disregard for the most common-sense security principles that she directed her maid to print out her classified and sensitive State Department emails and documents?

Why was she even allowed access to the computer,   – much less given the passwords?

We can only hope that Marina Santos is a decent person,  loyal to our country.

But Hillary clearly has no clue how espionage is carried out worldwide…

Agents are always looking for weak links,  loose threads,  unsecured doors,  and people who have access,  – and who can be pressured into disloyal and criminal acts.

JUST SUPPOSE a Russian agent found out about Marina,  – had someone befriend her,  – then showed her recent photos of her relatives back in the Philippines – with targets on them.

A simple threat to wipe out a dozen family members back in Manila could produce a trove of material….


Clearly Hillary has no clue.  She is unfit to hold ANY sensitive job, – and TOTALLY unfit to hold a security clearance.

Another glaring case of Hillary living as if rules,  regulations,  laws,  our Constitution,  or God’s Ten Commandments,  – just don’t apply to her!

Sadly, many Democrats will ignore all of this,  – either because they don’t understand it,  – or because they just don’t care.


7 Responses to “Her Maid!?!? OMG – Her F*¢king MAID?!?”

  1. Raymond Smithson Sr.

    If elected, guess I should start learning Chinese or Russian, maybe throw in some voo doo also she is a P.O.S.

  2. Charles Caliri

    At least Patraeus sharred with an American – with a clearance.

    Clinton shared our secrets with a non-American.
    Lock her up.

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    Hopefully, Tuesday evening, one part of our current national nightmare will come to an end, and a Trump DOJ will finally put this traitor behind bars.

  4. Kojack

    “….Hillary clearly has no clue how espionage is carried out worldwide…”

    The Hildebeast doesn’t give a flying f**k about national security and her supporters don’t either. Come to think of it they don’t give a damn about anything but “free” stuff PC.

    On the 9th we may very well be saying RIP, America and hello Amerika’.

  5. Catherine

    It may NOT have been ignorance, Mike. Leaving an unsecured computer with classified information available may have been one route for her treasonous information peddling. I would not put much of anything past her – past the whole cartel. They are rotten, rotten, rotten, down to the core and out the other side. They gleefully serve evil causes for the illusion of power and truckloads of wealth.

    Are are no words.

  6. Hawk1776

    Would you have preferred the butler?

  7. Mt Woman

    Aside from the poor handling of classified/confidential paperwork, just think of the public outcry and outrage if this was done by a Republican. The libs would be apoplectic merely at the thought that a Republican would have a maid let alone one would would be expected to do clerical work.O am no longer shocked by the Clintons, I am appalled and sicken that they are so close again to the White House and to lead our nation.

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