Helping Democrats Grasp Basic Concepts

Posted March 4th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Most Democrats never studied History – (fewer still understood it ), most can’t read a map,…which is why most don’t play chess.

Still smoldering over the election Hillary couldn’t possibly lose,…American Democrats have zeroed in on Russia and Vladimir Putin as the culprits.  Who but Putin is evil enough and powerful enough to foil their carefully rigged election?   “Trump must be his patsy!”

That story line tells you a great deal about the Democrat Party of 2016-17-18….

For these next 2½ years – and likely longer,…you’ll be hearing conspiracy theories about how and why Vladimir Putin helped his (buddy / patsy / tool ) Trump win an election that the Dems had fully rigged for Queen Hillary.

They were so sure they had it in the bag that in the final 10 weeks she started taking long mid-week rests,…while Trump was doing 3, 4 and 5 rallies per day.

The Democrats simply cannot believe that average working Americans – white, Black, Hispanic, straight, gay, single, married, etc – are capable of thinking for themselves.

And since they tend to only listen to like-minded people,  Dems will keep reinforcing the Vladimir Putin story until it’s embedded in their DNA – like Global Warming and ObamaCare!

Some like Rachel Maddow are so stupid they believe if Trump is impeached or forced to resign,….Hillary automatically becomes President….

I for one intend to mock them ruthlessly with that one….

I’ll ask if she steps in – will she keep Tim Kane as her VP,…and

…does she have her stand-by cabinet all picked out and ready…?

And who will she name to the Court,…Bill or Obama…?

There is KEY WORLD ISSUE facing Trump that Democrats will never understand,… it’s called ISIS!

Trump needs Putin and Russia as an ally in the exact same way FDR and Churchill needed Joseph Stalin if they expected to defeat Hitler and Mussolini and the Japs.

They might well have loathed both his politics and his bloody-handed tactics,…but they needed Stalin’s Red Army to stand and fight….

Imagine for just a moment you who understand History,  how WWII might have gone for us if Stalin did in 1943 what Lenin had done in 1917 – – i.e. made a separate peace with the Germans and pulled out of the war

None of the Arab Armies in the Middle East are worth a damn,  – other than as internal policemen. The ones who can read and write end up in the air forces,  in the artillery,  the armor,  and in military police units and presidential guards.

So the infantry units are mostly illiterate cannon fodder,  just as likely to buy into ISIS propaganda and change sides….

Thus they’re not even reliable as guards should we suddenly start capturing vast numbers as we did in Gulf War I…

Turkey’s army is a bit better,  but Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan won’t help us very much – since his biggest fear is that a war-tested Kurdish force will bite off the Southeast section of Turkey as part of a new and growing Kurdistan.

The NATO armies are all but useless in a Middle East fight.

Much of the French Army is currently guarding likely terrorist targets in major French cities.  They listened to their liberals way too long,  and now they are being conquered from within .

They are at least three more mass-casualty atrocities away from coming to grips with their new reality – and forcing their Muslims out.

Most of the European armies have led the way enlisting female and gay troops into combat units,…making them highly vulnerable to capture and propaganda murders by ISIS.  Their officers haven’t done significant fighting in their entire careers….

Trump needs Serious Troop Help – from a reliable ally.

He ~ could ~ ask the Chinese – offering to give them a little combat exposure – something they haven’t had since 1954….

But after 63 years of living in the past and copying Russian and Western weapons systems,….who really wants to see the Chinese Army acquire 21st Century combat-seasoned leaders and troops…?

Russia alone could put a reliable blocking force of 100,000 combat troops into the cauldron,  – troops who also hate ISIS,  – and who won’t run at the first shot.

100,000 is a number that Russia can logistically support – for at least a year,  even rotating units to give more troops and their officers combat experience.

So the Democrats in Congress don’t have to like Putin; . . . but until they’re ready to pick up a rifle and join the fight in the sandbox,….they should trust the judgment and patriotism of men much smarter and much braver than they are!

Congressional Democrats – having proven for years now they are incapable of understanding ISIS – yet alone developing a working battle plan,…

…they should focus on issues they might understand – like the future of the Texas Bone Cave Harvestman – which is holding up road construction (union jobs) down in Williamson County Texas.

4 Responses to “Helping Democrats Grasp Basic Concepts”

  1. Walter Knight

    In continental Europe only the Polish army has committed extensive resources fighting Muslim terrorists abroad as an ally of America. No joke.

  2. Raymond Smithson

    One of the best writings I have read in a long long time

  3. Kojack

    Mike – the analogy of Russia today as an ally in the fight against ISIS to the Soviets as an ally during WWII is spot on and brilliant but undoubtedly is beyond the comprehension of modern DEMOCRAPS.

    The BLATANT HYPOCRISY of both the DEMOCRAPS and RiNO’s like McCain, Graham and now even Chaffetz and Issa is incredible! When Obysmal was caught on a hot mike telling Medvedev he’d have more flexibility after the ’12 election the COWARDLY GOP did NOTHING! What their doing to PRESIDENT TRUMP IS NOT LEGITIMATE AND THAT WAS!

    The admin needs to go on offense, they could LEGITIMATELY INDIGHT OBYSMAL, HILLARY ROTTEN, ERIC with-HOLDER and LOIS LERNER for starters. Even if it didn’t go anywhere the DEMOCRAPS would be taken by surprise and be put on a panic driven defense.

  4. Sherox

    This morning on the Sunday morning on This Week with George Stephanopoulos, Martha Raddatz had some man on whose name escapes me, who said that for certain the Obama administration had investigated and absolute evidence was found that confirmed that Russia had been tampering with the election for the Trump campaign.