Has The ISIS Caliph Been Killed?

Posted June 11th, 2017 by Iron Mike

This is not the first time Abu Bkr al-Baghdadi been reported dead. But things have turned very grim for ISIS since Trump became President, – and today there are multiple reports that he was killed in a bombing attack – either in Baaj – northern Iraq,  or in Raqqa, Syria.

Let’s hope the reports are true,  – and that his lieutenants start killing each other to see who assumes command of what’s left.

4 Responses to “Has The ISIS Caliph Been Killed?”

  1. Peter S

    Let’s hope.

  2. Sherox

    He may be dead or not. It doesn’t matter. What matters in the evil that is in the hearts of men.

  3. Kojack

    If he’s not dead let’s hope he’s in agonizing pain.

    In any case it doesn’t really affect us. In practical terms, what matters most is whether or not we do anything of consequence about the practitioners of the religion of peace who are already here or will it just be semantics and PC.

    In order to see the results of our current “strategy” all we have to do is observe the islamasization of Europe.

    I wonder how the femi-nazis will like surrendering their driver’s licenses and wearing burkas as specified under sharia law?!?!?

  4. Walter Knight

    In Iraq revenge and blood feuds are important. ISIS will not be taken prisoner, rehabilitated in prison, or forgiven.