Harmony Of The Seas: Death Trap?

Posted March 11th, 2016 by Iron Mike

In pursuit of money,  sometimes bad ideas grow to ginormous proportions....sort of like ObamaCare….
Harmony of the Seas Love Boat
The Harmony of the Seas  – a giant top-heavy disaster-in-the-making is now undergoing sea trials.  She’ll soon be loading up with paying passengers….

How long before we start hearing horror stories;  – sick passengers,  – people disappearing overboard,  – engine failure,  – the ship stuck cross-ways in a narrow channel,  – or blown over on her side by a big gust of wind….?

Harmony of the Seas terrorist target

How many ports-of-call can accommodate 6,000 passengers storming ashore for day trips…..?

…and just imagine the damage to the ocean when this bucket pumps her bilges….

Sad Update:   Tuesday, 13 Sept 2016    First Death:   Filipino crew member deadtwo near death,  and 2 others likely to survive when a lifeboat became detached and fell 33 feet into the water during a lifeboat drill in port at Marseilles France.

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