Gutless Congress Permits Obama Arrogance

Posted February 13th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Boehner and McConnell caved on the debt ceiling, and Obama is on a roll. Your Constitution be damned! Your rights? Damned too! We are in the year of the imperial presidency.
Obama Pen and Phone
The theme for this year [Obama needs to hold the Senate to avoid being impeached or castrated] is “Income Inequality” – something “rich white people have done to the poor and people of color”.

Stupid people [stupid because they’ve been dumbed-down in union-infested public schools] and true believers will buy it – hook, like, and sinker!

The fall-back themes will be the inevitable “Republican War on Women”, followed by “Old White Racist Teabaggers”.
Arrogance of Power
So you ~ might ~ keep a picture of Michelle in her $12,000 gown in your wallet, – or folded in the back of your pocket Constitution.   Not that the True Believers will ever understand the hypocrisy

Kentucky, Ohio,…can you please rid us of McConnell and Boehner?

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4 Responses to “Gutless Congress Permits Obama Arrogance”

  1. Tom

    These progressive, establishment Republicrats are so terrified of the press and what they and their enablers perceive the media and the voters will think of them, that they continually bend over and grab their ankles. They, as well as POTUS, have violated their oaths of office and spat in the face of the American public who really care about the direction of our country and the Constitution. Vote them all out in ’14 and ’16!

  2. Casey Chapman

    Obama’s favorite quote:”Let them eat cake”. Quite a concept for a communist.

  3. Blossom

    The arrogance of this “dictator”, “I’ve got a pen and a phone”! Our Constitution has established three branches of government, a system of checks and balances,to prevent abuse of power. The government is chipping away at our Constitutional rights. We the people need to stand up to this tyranny and make our voices heard before it is too late.
    With the 2014 election we must elect leaders that really do stand for our country and our Constitution.

  4. Joseph Henry

    Let me guess.., Mr. Obama is the FIRST President who ever won and election by a HUGE margin in this country. You criticize Mrs. Obama for wearing a U.S. designed gown yet you ignore that Laura Bush, and Nancy Reagan wore designer gowns that cost three (3) times that amount to their balls? You are just another whining two year old who has realized that you are an “Unwanted” Minority in this country! Head on over to Iraq and fight ISIS but this time YOU go and YOU pay for your trip yourself loser!