Guest Post: Unalienable Rights & Their Enemies

Posted February 21st, 2013 by Jim Ettwein

I’m offering a guest post from Bettina Romberg.  Mrs RR and I know Bettina from past meetings of the Greater Lowell Tea Party.  We’ve remained in touch as we see each other at various meetings.  Last Sunday, Mrs RR and I were at the GOAL Meeting (2/17/2013) in Boxborough.  Jim Wallace of GOAL was the main speaker, but Bettina’s speech blew him away.  (Sorry, Jim)

The video below is of Bettina presenting the same speech a couple weeks earlier.  My apologies for not having video from Sunday’s event, but we’re lucky to have her excellent speech to show.  For those that prefer to read her riveting words, I’m including the text of her speech as well.  She speaks so eloquently and strongly about the cause of the 2nd Amendment that it’s worth posting.  It is so well done, that I didn’t just want to post the video… and I thought a guest appearance would give her the showcase she deserves. 


Text of  Bettina’s speech:

Unalienable Rights & Their Enemies

By Bettina Romberg

GOAL Organizational Meeting, February 17, 2013

 We are all proud Americans.  We Americans know how truly unique the United States is.  Never in history has there been a greater nation. Its Founding Principles are the Rights of Man. Its Government is instituted to serve and secure these rights.

But in order to keep the greatness of this country and your right to your own life intact, you need to know two things.  You need to know what a right is and you need to know the nature of those who want to disarm you.

When you have a clear definition of what a right is and can identify the methods of those who want to undermine your rights, you can put an end to the constant, seemingly unending violations for good.

What is a right? 

Rights are moral principles.  They define and sanction your freedom to act in society.  It means you can act freely to pursue the goals of your life, that which makes you personally happy, so long as you do not violate the rights of another individual. Look at it this way: Rights express your freedom of action in a social context. They are not a mere promise or license granted by the rulers. They are yours and cannot be infringed.

Your rights are clearly spelled out in the Declaration of Independence:  You are endowed with the right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  These are unalienable rights, meaning they cannot be separated from your nature, from what you are.  They are part of you and your very existence. They cannot be granted like privileges or taken away by anyone.

There is a reason that the first right is the right to your own life.  For one thing, without this right no other rights are possible! To have the right to your own life means you have the right to choose the direction of your life.  You own your life. 

The Second Amendment is part of your right to your own life.  If you own your life, you have the right to the means to secure and protect it.  The Second Amendment presupposes that your right to own and bear arms exists. It does not establish this right. It only states that this right of the people shall not be infringed.

The Founding Fathers knew that their successors would one day be tempted to infringe on these rights for whatever arbitrary, range of the moment expediency or excuse. The Second Amendment was written for the explicit purpose to prohibit any and all infringements on your rights! Without these words written out explicitly, we might have been a disarmed people long ago.

Since you own your life, by right, and you cannot violate the rights of another, you can see that firearms can only be used in retaliation to defend yourself against physical force, mainly against criminals who intentionally initiate physical force to violate your rights.  It is the expressed purpose of government to protect and secure your rights against criminals, if necessary by the use of physical force, but again, only in retaliation, not by its initiation.

There is no legal basis for the Government to execute pre-emptive strikes against anyone. But that is precisely what happens, when the Government intends to take your firearms from you.

They become the initiators of physical force infringing and violating your right to your own life thereby becoming indistinguishable from the criminals.

The Second Amendment clearly states what they cannot do. And yet, they insist on their rights-infringing witch hunt.

But they also know that they do not have a moral leg to stand on.  You are the ones who stand on the moral high ground, and they know they cannot take that out from under you.  They merely bank on the fact that you don’t know it and that you are willing to compromise.

The method they use is an old one.  It is a logical fallacy that has been identified for thousands of years. Even Aristotle wrote about it. The method is so common that it has a name: It is called the Straw Man Fallacy.

The setting up of a Straw Man amounts to misrepresenting and outright falsifying someone’s argument in order to make it easier to refute – Attacking the straw man is used to give their argument a veneer of the reasonable.

In their attack on your unalienable rights they pretend to be only shaving off little bits here and there. So far they do not dare to attack your right to defend your life in the open.  They know they cannot win their ploy in an open attack on the Second Amendment.

Their main objective with the Straw Man Fallacy, is to corrupt the language.  Look at what they are saying and you see the pure evil of their methods. It will help you to defend yourself against their infringement. 

This is why we see firearms being called “Assault Weapons.”  They blank out the fact that the use of firearms in a civilized society is permitted purely for self-defense and ONLY for self-defense, and then imply that your insistence on your right to bear arms amounts to criminal intent. They claim that you want to use them Rambo style, for the purpose of the initiation of physical force against others, in effect lumping you with criminals and murderers! They even want you to admit guilt for the actions of criminals by forcing you to buy liability insurance for their crimes.

This method is used by them at every single turn. They pay lip service to your rights, but then misrepresent your rights in order to make their infringement look like a reasonably good idea.  Observe: Every time, they smugly lump you with criminals.

There is a way to fight back and make our politicians in Washington and in every state recognize your unalienable rights.  Your right to bear arms can only be kept by proudly declaring that your rights are unalienable. 

Stand up and tell anyone who wants to infringe on your rights, “How dare you call me a criminal! You are the criminal when you initiate force against me!”

Do not call firearms assault weapons.  You call yourself a criminal when you do and you give their argument legitimacy!

I don’t need to tell you that we have gone down a dark path away from what our Founding Fathers envisioned for us.  Those in control of the machinery of our government today want to deny the existence of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the existence of your unalienable rights.  Their actions have shown that they want to repeal your rights by hollowing out the concept of rights until the words of the Second Amendment become meaningless.

Do not allow them to deliver us back to the old forms of tyrannical government, as if the Founding of the United States has never happened, as if tyranny is to replace freedom, as if your life is not really yours, as if unalienable rights have never existed and man can never be free. All this is not true, because man has been free. But he can only be free as long as his freedom of action is not infringed, in other words, as long as his rights are indeed unalienable.

We stand here together as the last remnants of a free country, the once freest in all of history.  The enemies of freedom want to render all of us defenseless, as then they can do whatever they want to us.

The Gas chambers of Auschwitz and the Gulag in Siberia so far have been located on foreign soil. 

But let’s not kid ourselves. Executions of Americans without trial have already begun. And they are being swept under the rug and explained away with pseudo-legal expediency as necessary evil.

We have to be vigilant. There can be no room for compromise.  Tell them at every chance you have and with the full righteousness of moral certainty that your rights are, in fact, unalienable.  Your life belongs to you!

3 Responses to “Guest Post: Unalienable Rights & Their Enemies”

  1. walter KNight

    Great article and commentary, until that little blurb at the end out “Executions of American’s without trial have already begun.”

    That was a reference to drone attacks on enemy combatants in the Middle East and Northern Africa. Enemy combatants, some holding duel citizenship, should be killed on sight, and any citizenship rights stripped long ago. We are at war. Our military is not a SWAT team, and the fight is not a police action.

  2. Kojack

    I agree, Walter even they are born in the U.S. or are naturalized citizens as soon as they engage in hostilities against American forces on foreign soil they forfeit all rights of citizenship.

  3. Casey Chapman

    The drone attacks on foreign soil are necessary. The problem is, though, the drones are potentially meant for patrolling against Obama’s perceived enemies on domestic soil.