Grotesque! Unbelievable! Unacceptable!

Posted August 21st, 2017 by Iron Mike

Two (2) US Navy destroyers speared – – in just 66 days!  5 more sailors hurt and TEN MISSING?  How LOW has our US Navy sunk?

On 17 June the USS Fitzpatrick was speared in waters off Japan,  now USS McCain gets itself rammed in waters off Singapore?   It’s past time for our Navy to pull it’s head out of Obama’s AA/EEO/Gay/Transgender ass!


When we elect incompetent and agenda-driven leaders – instead of competent America-loving patriots – BAD THING HAPPEN – and people DIE!

No,  it doesn’t all happen on Day One.  Bit-by-bit the results of stupid decisions and bad leadership add up,  until an inevitable breaking point or tipping point is reached.

For decades Democrats have wanted to soften our military services – “opening opportunities for combat assignments and command” – to women and under Obama – to gays.   After the so-called Tailhook Scandal of 1991 – the Navy was particularly vulnerable to being “restructured for AA/EEO opportunities” , and to have the cult of the macho male vanquished.

I no longer trust our modern ‘politically correct’ Navy to conduct an honest investigation of either the Fitzpatrick or the McCain collisions.   There is too much at stake for too many people currently wearing unearned rank and unearned ribbons for the truth to be allowed to flow.   Just paint over the bloodstains – and go back to sea!

BUT,  – BOTH vessels got speared in the side,  – by large slow-moving commercial shipsBOTH destroyers carry multiple redundant radar systems,  and more than enough crew to mount BOTH radar watches and post lookouts topside.

What could have gone wrong – T W I C E
on similar ships – in just 66 days?

Either there is a Navy-wide over-reliance on radar systems,  – or there is now systemic dereliction of duty from the enlisted ranks on up.

Commander Alfredo Sanchez, the McCain’s skipper – has been aboard since 2015.  Somehow his advanced degree from the Naval War College did not include courses on avoiding having his ship cross the bow of a lumbering tanker.  He needs a court-martial – and others aboard may need them too.

We’re paying a very dear price for those 8 long Obama years.

Obama began early using troops as backdrops for his never-ending speeches.  But he clearly disrespected their elan and their fighting spirit,  – and he set about firing a series of Generals and Admirals who disagreed with his view of a ‘softer more politically correct military’. 

Those leaders were replaced – quickly – with Obama Stars – under-qualified suck-ups willing to kowtow to the White House.

And throughout both Officer and NCO ranks – as posts were required to hold Gay Appreciation Days – fighting men held in their vomit, waited until they had their 20 years in – and quietly retired to a saner world.

The irony of this McCain collision is that we just sailed it through the Spratly Islands – to show the Chinese that their artificial islands do not constitute a claim of Chinese sovereignty.

Now the Chinese know our current crop of AA/EEO officers can’t even sail a fast agile destroyer through a shipping lane without getting speared.

FLASH:  Our Military services have had their heads up Obama’s ass for 8 years

It’s time to stand up and become FIGHTING FORCES again – and quickly.

16 Responses to “Grotesque! Unbelievable! Unacceptable!”

  1. Catherine

    I frankly don’t give a rat’s hindquarters about ANY personal characteristic of any military leader – with the sole exception of any HIDDEN attributes that could be used for blackmail.

    What I DO care about – and the ONLY attributes that matter – are COMPETENCE and HONORABLE CHARACTER.

    It has long been said that first-rate leaders hire first-rate subordinates, and second-rate leaders hire third-rate subordinates. When the “leader” is a sixth-rate anti-American weasel, we are seeing the effects of the dredge-the-bottom subordinates that get picked.

  2. Brad Wyatt

    What a shame – this accident dovetails with a book I just finished reading, “Boyd, the fighter pilot that changed the art of war”.

    Points out the suffering that comes with challenging the status quo of ideas in the Forces – but he persevered.

  3. Jim Gettens

    Ah, unless I missed something, this happened 7 full months into Trump’s watch. Is RRB now adopting the Kenyan-Muslim-Commie-Pansy’s favorite tactic–blame-my-predecessor-in-office to shirk/shift chain of command responsibility???

    The collision to the destroyer was port-aft. This destroyer was, AGAIN, the “give-way” vessel and, AGAIN, the officer of the deck and the watch crew were negligent. I don’t know the sex, ethnicity, or sexual orientation of any of them–do you???–nor do I care.

    They will all be subject to a Board of Inquiry.

    You should know me a lot better that THAT Jim!

    9/11 happened 7½ months after Bush took office – LARGELY because under Clinton the FBI had erected a “Chinese Wall” between their criminal and their anti-terrorism divisions. Does the name Jamie Gorelick ring any bells?

    A new President/Commander-in-Chief cannot change or fix things instantly. He can change policies and key leaders – not replace every Commander or Ship Captain. It took Obama 8 years to finish pussifying our military – it will take at least 8 years – more likely a full generation – to fix it.

    Ethnicity I don’t care about. Sex and orientation I do – war-fighting should never be a woman’s or a girl’s job – and trying to soften our military – like adopting the puny 9mm pistol – to accommodate little girls – gets men – and the girls – KILLED!

    WHERE were the topside and radar-room watches? WHAT were they doing?

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    BTW, it took two full years for sufficient ammo and spare parts to reach us after Reagan took over from Carter….

  4. Jim Gettens

    I agree that women, transgenders, and homosexuals should NOT be serving in Armed Forces combat roles since their presence subverts unit cohesion and good order and discipline. I saw enough demoralizing hanky-panky in the Army among serving male and female hetero-sexuals. Homosexual and transgender in-service hanky-panky is toxic and politically charged.

    Petraeus, married, bangs his fellow West Pointer married female captain biographer and provides her classified documents. Petraeus should have been recalled to active duty and court-martialed. Were either court-martialed??? Nope.

    One of Petraeus’ Chiefs of Staff in Iraq, presumably married, was banging a married female sergeant there. In addition to adultery, the UCMJ strictly prohibits officer-enlisted sex, with the officer in grave fault. Were either ever court-martialed??? Nope.

    Now add in transgender and homosexual in-service sexual misconduct/politics/social engineering. BAD. VERY BAD!

    NEVERTHELESS, when it comes to basic NEGLIGENCE, I don’t care if the sailors at fault in this instance are purple Bradley Manning wannabes. They were NEGLIGENT. PERIOD.

    This SECOND destroyer negligence tragedy happened TWO MONTHS after the previous incident and seven (7) months into Trump’s administration. After the previous incident did Trump and Mattis order a complete review and intensified watch training??? Nope!!! Crickets…

  5. Jeffrey Wallens

    I am not a military guy myself, but is it likely that the sequestration cuts affected training to such an extent that we don’t have enough sailors trained to handle routine navigation?

  6. FLICK

    Among my Navy chatter it seems they’ve cut back on actual human watches stationed out on the decks? If this is true, what is the logic behind this? Autonomous vehicles are one thing, warships cannot tolerate this.

    War is Hell, and the proper preparation for War takes discipline and a total commitment to success. Setting conditions for engagement and tying our forces’ hands either via legislation or budget removes that total commitment.

    Obama has neutered our forces almost to the point of no return to success. I fear we are beyond that effective level to deal with the multiple crises looking to bring us down.

    It took 8 years to degrade, it will take much longer to rebuild.

  7. Jim Gettens

    There is no evidence that this ship was undermanned or otherwise forced to restrict its watch roster.

    The new ZUMWALT class of ships is DESIGNED to have more automation, drastically reducing on-board personnel. Yeah, so how’s THAT gonna work out for us???

  8. SpecialSnowflake

    This issue has nothing to do with LGBT service members or minority leaders in the military, and to say otherwise is to ignore the actual, clear training issues involved with captaining or navigating a ship like this. Don’t blame, don’t stereotype: address the real issue and solve it.


    The ISSUE is about LOWERING STANDARDS to accommodate sub-standard misfits

    When TWO identical ships suffer the same self-inflicted accident in just 66 days – BOTH in the far Pacific,…

    …I question the TOTAL EFFECT of the breakdown in discipline, morale, professionalism, and unit pride under 8 Obama years. I saw the same thing during the Carter years, and later during the Clinton years.

    Our Military is NO PLACE for Democrat Social Experiments or for society’s misfits!

    So tell us Snowflake – where’d YOU serve – the Salvation Navy? The Good Ship LollyPop?

  9. Varvara

    There was a recent announcement regarding the top 2 officers on the Fitzgerald. They have been relieved from duty. The Alnic MC was on auto-pilot. There was no one in command at that time no one on the bridge.

    This is the 3rd time I am aware of one of our navel vessels rammed on it’s side. Wasn’t it in the Mediterranean? That was some 8 or 9 years ago.

    As far as the social aspect of the services I don’t believe we should lower standards. Only the best and brightest should serve.

  10. Sonny's Mom

    Dumb civilian question of the day: Who monitors the autopilot system?


    On the Destroyers – two places – the Bridge and the Combat Control Center, and the system has an alarm. The ISSUE is that we have to accept that ALL the radar systems FAILED (?), – or that the CCC crews weren’t paying attention (?), – AND that the topside lookouts couldn’t see a ship that size – so very close. TOO MANY FAILURES – TWICE!

    On the civilian ships – still a Bridge Crew….but they are civilians….

  11. Jim Gettens

    Here is Alnic MC data:

    Damage to the McCain indicates impact from rear, to aft portion of hull, at about 45 degree angle to the port side. Alnic MC speed does not exceed 12 knots. How does U.S. Navy destroyer take that kind of hit at that angle from a 30,000 ton-empty-weight slow-mover? Apparently by attempting to overtake Alnic MC and cut across in front of its bow at a 45 degree angle.

    If so, not a very bright or adept move.

    Sounds about right – overtook, cut across, then slowed down instead of speeding up. CRUNCH!

  12. BEN

    This can be debated for months but I really believe the country is going in the wrong direction and if it doesn’t straighten out there is going to be bigger problems. The military is not an equal opportunity employer. You have to have the brightest and best, not the weakest and mindless. The military can and should be able to chose, like in the past.

  13. Hawk1776

    Not only were the Captain and Executive Officer of the Fitzgerald removed, the Command Master Chief (i.e., the senior enlisted man) was also relieved.

    Over the last couple of days I’ve heard a variety of possible reasons for this accident. One of the more popular is that the crew wasn’t properly trained. If that proves to be the case, the admirals in charge of training and those who ordered the ship to sail should be court-marshaled.

    If the Chinese hacked the navigation system, as has been suggested, it doesn’t explain why the on-board watch didn’t detect the problem.

  14. Sherox

    Some information already

  15. Hawk1776

    And sure enough the admiral commanding the 7th Fleet has been relieved.

  16. Sonny's Mom

    IRON MIKE: As to your comment,
    “The ISSUE is that we have to accept that ALL the radar systems FAILED(?),”
    is it possible for a single individual to temporarily deactivate one or more radar systems without drawing attention from either ship’s command or central command?

    I mean, can’t you just picture some nutjob “taking initiative” to deactivate a critical ship’s system “to save energy”? Or simply failing to monitor/verify that such system is active and fully operational? And isn’t it SOP to periodically run self-diagnostics? (Or else, what are we paying for?)
    Thank you, Sir.


    There’s a much more fleet-wide issue going on here Mom, – not just a single ‘nut-job sailor’.

    I think there is a MAJOR discipline problem and thus a MAJOR MORALE problem within the Navy – a holdover from 8 Obama years.

    Add to that an over-reliance on radars, – and an under-utilization of topside human eyeballs,…and we get ships which are constantly sailing blind – or nearly blind.

    In the case of the McCain – it seems he was speeding (i.e. normal destroyer speed) to overtake and pass the tanker. BUT THEN, somebody made a stupid decision to cut across the Tanker’s bow – WAY TOO CLOSE, and at that very moment ~ somehow ~ the McCain slowed instead of speeding up, and got speared.

    Absolutely lousy seamanship on the part of the Deck officer and all involved.