Grotesque Senator Franken Resigns!

Posted December 7th, 2017 by Iron Mike

8 Responses to “Grotesque Senator Franken Resigns!”

  1. Varvara

    He said he would resign in the coming weeks. How many votes does he get to do for the Dems? Perhaps he will change his mind and stay a little longer if no one seems to object that he is taking so long.

  2. Joe Dunn

    Franken should be gone today. Ridiculous. And Elizabeth Warren had to be pushed to call on Franken to resign. Better late than never, when it comes to a Democrat, for Warren to stand up for victims of this Democrat creep from Minnesota.

  3. Ron Motts

    Remember the old song about the frog who dreamed of being a king? That’s our boy Al!

  4. Hawk1776

    He’ll be gone when he’s gone. The Governor of Minnesota will appoint a Democrat to replace him so the the 52-48 Republican will remain. In two years they will elect a full-term replacement.


    Not necessarily. He won re-election in 2014 by 52% (slim for an incumbent) so the seat is safe until Jan 2021 – unless the Governor calls for a Special Election.

    Franken's Book

  5. Kojack

    The announcement was intentionally vague. I think this maggot will stick around as long as he can in the hope that sexual harassment storm blows over in the mean time so he can stay. The problem is that he no longer fits in with the DEMOCRAP long term image motive and they will not tolerate him staying.

  6. GreenBeretLTC

    My guess is Franken’s hedging on Moore winning in Alabama on the 12th; that the Senate will be unable to or lack the cajones to interfere with his seating; and then he’ll withdraw his resignation.

    In a way, I hope this happens. Talking heads are making a good argument that the Dems are throwing some of their safest and lamest (Franken, Conyers…..) under the sexual harassment bus in order to make anti-Republican political hay in the 2018 mid-terms. Seating Moore and keeping Franken takes this arrow out of their quiver…..

  7. Rocky

    Bye Felicia is the perfect sentiment.

  8. Hawk1776

    Mike – A Special Election will take place in November 2018. A regular election will be held in November 2020.


    Each state has different laws on how Congressional vacancies are filled – you may remember that our MassHoles changed the law to deny Romney that right in case Fat Teddy died – then changed it back when Duh-val was elected.

    In MOST states the Governor can appoint a temporary replacement – pending the outcome of a Special Election – which often either the Legislature or the SecState have to call.

    In Minnesota, Democrat Governor Mark Dayton is expected to appoint his faithful sidekick – LtGov Tina Smith to replace Franken. That would give her a leg up on the Special, – and she’d have to run again for re-election in the regular cycle – 2020.
    LtGov Tina Smith