Greetings From Your Drug Suppliers!

Posted May 5th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Think your drug use is ‘harmless’?

Nuevo Laredo: 9 tortured, then hung from a bridge – 4 women / 5 men – with a sign saying they were from the Gulf Cartel. 14 heads left at city hall in coolers – with a note which led to finding their bodies stuffed into an SUV.

The Zetas continue to rule this town just over the border. Are you buying their drugs? Are your friends?

The Zetas also routinely kill journalists and bloggers.

Next time you’re at a social gathering, and somebody offers you some drugs, – remember they’re making you the ‘end user’ is this gruesome supply chain. Will you have the character and courage to get up and leave?

  These murders are taking place ON THE US BORDER!!!



4 Responses to “Greetings From Your Drug Suppliers!”

  1. Walter Knight

    Holy sit, Batman.

    If gun ownership in Mexico was legal to the average citizen, this would end.

    Remember the Shining Path terrorists in Peru? They used to slaughter villagers at will, marching in to towns with impunity, and chopping off arms and heads with machetes. Then one day the government gave away shotguns to every adult who wanted one. Overnight the Shining Path’s Maoist ‘revolution’ disappeared because suddenly even elderly grandmothers were able to stand their ground.
    Overnight the entire country was packing some serious heat to defend themselves.

    If citizens rely completely on the police to save themselves, they are not protected. The police won’t arrive in time.

  2. J. Meras

    The cartels are providing a product in demand…in demand in the US. That bag of pot isn’t harmless since it only helps fuel the mafia capitalism rampant in Northern Mexico.

  3. Wally

    Shouldn’t it be hanged, not hung?

  4. Bill

    J. Mera’s I’m not sure what planet you’re on, but nobody buys pot from Mexico; anything worth buying comes from California. Its the hard drugs that you should be concerned about. The drug war has caused prices to skyrocket, and that doesn’t affect the producer; it just affects the consumer. The cartels WANT these drugs to be illegal and to have a thriving drug war – its what keeps the Cartel’s profitable.

    And yes, grammatically ‘hanged’ is correct.