Governor Deval Patrick’s Very Bad Day

Posted December 4th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Those revolting peasants are resisting taxation!
How DARE they
And dammit – they seem organized too!

Yes, they’re organized.  Not so much by political party – but more by friendships and core values of conservative government, – smaller government, – and responsible spending.

We haven’t seen much of those under Deval Patrick’s seven years in the corner office.

We’ve seen the absolute opposite – arrogance of power, – left-wing agenda driven full-throttle through the legislature,  and the business of government turned over to incompetent hacks hired because of skin color.


To understand why we found it so galling, – so obnoxious – you must understand that for 60+ years our commonwealth [our state] has been controlled by Democrats [with an occasional RiNO governor] – held hostage to the Democrat-controlled legislature and liberal judges.

To be elected to the legislature here is practically a lifetime appointment. 

Democrats are very seldom turned out of office.  Thus their arrogance has grown by exponential measure.

And they got lazy.  They passed an additional 3¢ gas tax late in 2012 – with a provision to raise it – automatically – every January by the CPI [the Consumer Price Index].  Of course, a major factor in the CPI – IS the damned cost of fuel.

In their arrogance and smug elitism, – they thought voters wouldn’t notice.  They were ~ almost ~ right.

Thus the tax quickly acquired the nickname “To Infinity, – and BEYOND!”

Our fears were that having done it with gasoline, nothing prevents our runaway legislators from doing it with every tax.

So the rebellion began.   125,000+ signatures were gathered.  Town clerks painstakingly verified them,  and over 87,000 were certified!  They were turned it  today!

87000 turned in 4 Nov 2013

Even the RiNO-infested MassGOP got into the act – albeit reluctantly.  When it became clear that the grass roots volunteers were going to succeed,  even the Mouseketeer herself collected a few.  Good for her!   Better late to the party – than to stay at home.


The Governor is really pissed.  He wants this money to fund an unwanted / unneeded south coast railway – more MBTA infrastructure, – more government union jobs [government slaves forced by union bosses to vote Democrat].

How DARE you mere citizens attempt to interfere with government?!?  What do you know about government?

So now they’ll use YOUR TAX $$$ to launch a year-long ‘Save the Tax’ campaign – to convince you the money is needed to fix ‘crumbling roads and bridges’

What’s actually crumbling is any sense of honor or ethics in your Democrat legislators.  If you like being lied to, – and you like being taxed [many MoonBats tell me they do] – return these Dems to their cushy lifestyle next November.

But if you’ve finally had enough – vote to end the forever tax,  and vote the lying bastards out of office.

AND,…if you see the Governor – tell him to go suck eggs.…  He brought this on himself.

And a BIG THANK YOU to you Citizens who listened,  and who understood how important your signature is in this process – this process of taking back control of our state government!

15 Responses to “Governor Deval Patrick’s Very Bad Day”

  1. Tom

    Congratulations to all of those patriots that gathered signatures all over the state.

  2. June Foley

    Sucks to be him….haha Duval..

  3. haddanuff

    And what of our lifetime, do nothing RINO hacks? You know who they are.

  4. Stephanie

    Well Done, Well said!

  5. Bobbi

    See we can do it great job done by our people. WE THE PEOPLE have stepped up to the plate

  6. Janine

    One of your best blogs Mike!!!!! This is such a positive and empowering thing that was accomplished and by people who don’t normally work together. We’ll all NEVER EVER agree with each other 100% as republicans, and I accept that to a point, but this is surely a cause we can all agree on. Again, great write up, loved it and I’ll be sharing it on Facebook.

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    You humble me Ma’am. TY!

  7. Casey Chapman

    Ut Infinitio Quod Ultra. Latin for To Infinity and Beyond. Need I say more? It also describes the governor’s ego, although his skin is as thin as it can be.

  8. Hailey Elland

    SOME of the people have stepped up to get the signatures. Now ALL of the people have to step up and educate the voters. This has NOTHING to do with repairing roads and bridges, but that’s how the Dems will play it. Remember, these signatures are from REPUBLICANS, DEMOCRATS AND UNENROLLED! Everyone is upset at their attempt to automatically raise our taxes on an annual basis, every year FOREVER!

  9. Casey Chapman

    AND don’t forget, the reason they claim they need this tax is because they don’t have the money for repairs otherwise. The REAL reason the money isn’t there——ooooops——-is because everybody up on Bacon Hill raids that fund for their own pet projects. Like the $9 million Deval just used for renovating his office. New furniture, etc.

  10. sad4magop

    The thing that the hacks on Beacon Hill fear the most is an organized citizenry. Please be part of it. To help in the fight, consider making a donation in any amount at

  11. Sam Adams

    This is what national socialists do when they manage to steal power from the people. They’ve been behaving exactly how they behave in every other socialist country. Like buzzards. They go for the throat as soon as they wrestle their opponents to the ground – something RINOs, to our detriment, have redused to do.
    This sorry governor, like his pathetic friend, the president, will stubbornly refuse to bring relief to the people who work to support government. So be it. I hope the defeat of the Democrats in Nov. of ’14 across the nation is substantial and lasting.

  12. Jim Buba

    Well done indeed!

    The CPI index was intended to get lost in the shuffle. So many people I met while collecting had the same response: “When did they do that!”

    Followed quickly by: “Gimmee that clipboard!”

    Out of the blue, well, not really, people called me for answers to all sorts of questions. While talking causally on the streets, some even asked me if I had my petitions close by, because they wanted to sign.

    I wish to give honorable mention to Anita out of Tewksbury who’s diligence to the cause came hard and fast after Holly Robichaud got finished pitching is on WRKO.

    Ok, all rested up?

    Here we go!

  13. sad4magop

    Senator Steve Brewer actually said that if the Legislature and the Governors were to listen to the people who signed, then we would be ruled by the ‘vox populi‘. That is Beacon Hill babble for ‘the unwashed masses’.

    Gov Patrick said that the law was done ‘fairly’. More pretty words, but how is it fair that the guy that fills up his pickup gets a tax increase while the Gov rides around in his taxpayer funded limo, and while the legislators get a stipend for their travel?

    “Fair” is a pretty word the Dems always fall back on, but in this case they stepped in it. This tax is regressive, in that it effects the poor much more than the rich. So Gov, how is that “fair”?

  14. Vic Leemon

    I have to agree with Jim Buba above. Once I explained the cowardly nature of the legislators raising taxes in such a way as to never again have to be accountable to their constituency (AKA taxation without representation) people practically ripped the pen and clipboard out of my hand in many instances. Thank you, real people of Massachusetts!

  15. Casey Chapman

    It’s about time the citizens of this state woke up.