Governor Abbott – vs – Sanctuary Sally

Posted January 24th, 2017 by Iron Mike

It’s starting to look like an old-fashioned western standoffdeep in the heart of Texas.
After spending nearly half her career as a process server,  Sally Hernandez (Hispanic by marriage only) got elected as Travis County Sheriff.  Upon taking office she essentially issued a new policy on illegal immigrants held in her jail:   “Fuck off ICE!”

And since Austin is the capital city of Texas,  Governor Greg Abbott couldn’t help but take notice.  His first move was to threaten to withhold state funding for the Travis County Sheriff – if she goes through with her threat.

Most of Texas is Rock Hard Conservative, – but not Houston or Austin.  Democrats have enjoyed great success there “turning Texas BLUE”...

In her campaign Hernandez was backed by every libturd group in the state , – even if they couldn’t publish her picture correctly.  Details never matter to libturds.

Keen observers will note that CANDIDATE SALLY allowed herself to be photographed in a full 4-star sheriff’s uniform – long before she was elected or sworn in.  

Can you say “Deceptive Advertising”?

So hanging her hat on the mantra “They haven’t been convicted of anything,…”,  Sheriff Hernandez will allow illegal immigrants to waltz out of her jail once someone posts bail.

Their status as illegal immigrants doesn’t concern her liberal progressive heart….

…nor does any thought that thy might continue their crime spree while out on bail.

When libturds are busy ‘feeling good’ – they seldom manage to envision consequences.  Much easier to stay wrapped in their ‘perfect world’.

Governor Abbott has seen far too much murder, rape, robbery, drug trafficking and human trafficking across his state to let a sanctuary cesspool develop in his state capital.

And with President Trump about to also crack down on sanctuary cities,  – he wants to be out in front on this issue.

So is Sanctuary Sally a true believer in open borders,…or has somebody behind the scenes nudged her into the role of martyr…?

LAST QUESTION:  Does the image of this elderly lady – in uniform and packing a gun, – seem reassuring that Justice will prevail…?

UPDATE:   Monday 6 Feb 2017   Wasting no time – FEDERAL WARRANTS have been issued for all undocumented inmates of the Travis County jail – forcing Sheriff Hernandez to hold them.

Trying to put a good face on it,  Sheriff Hernandez is now claiming that this is what she wanted all along – warrants….

4 Responses to “Governor Abbott – vs – Sanctuary Sally”

  1. 11-Bravo

    Governor Abbott must, most assuredly, refuse to provide state funding to the menopausal, frumpy, water retentive Sheriff Sanctuary Sally’s department and county. Furthermore, if she inhibits or obstructs justice in the deportation process of criminal illegal aliens, then she must be arrested and spend some time in the local jail herself. Governor Abbott is himself, on the front line at the local level and he has to send a loud and very clear message that law officers who refuse to obey and enforce the law, shall be relegated to civilian and potential inmate status.

  2. Varvara

    Has she passed a firearms test? Can she carry/care for someone who needs first aid? Does she know first aid? Is she within the weight chart for her height? And, most of all, are police allowed to wear red nail polish?

  3. Catherine

    In response to Varvara’s comment: the red nail polish is a memorial to the blood of good, law-abiding citizens that will be spilled by violence perpetrated by the illegals she lets loose.

  4. Sonny's Mom

    Sheriff Snooty brings to mind the crazy lady who got kicked off that Air Alaska flight.

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