Golnik KICKED Niki’s ASS tonight!!

Posted October 18th, 2010 by Iron Mike

The Mann Orchard rocked tonight with a very feisty – sometimes snarly old-fashioned political debate. The place was packed – SRO.  I was VERY pleasantly surprised.  Jon Golnik came prepared – well prepared. He was in command of the issues, of himself, and of the room.

By contrast Niki was robotic and slightly carping.  After several rounds which Jon clearly won – she reverted to her default mode – arrogance and smugness. By now I know her well enough to understand it masks her nervousness and her lack of knowledge on issues.

Her loyal flock of MoonBats tried to equal the volume of Golnik applause, but their faces told a different story. Even some of the most liberal of them were cringing visibly both at her answers, and at her demeanor.  In the end she was flailing – accusing Jon of being part of the “Party of NO”, and accusing Michele Bachmann of being the head of the TEA Party.  It was about the tenth time she drew heavy boos from the audience.

She also drew boos for her answers on the Arizona immigration law and handling of illegals. 

The thing was being televised, so many of you may have watched. What you probably didn’t see was the crowd – who except for one azzwhole – managed to keep it clean. Respect sort of went out the door the second time Niki failed to answer a question and used her 90 seconds to change the subject and harp on the wonders of ObamaCare.

A great debate, and clearly Jon was the winner.

By contrast, Niki refused to defend her votes except by regurgitating the buzzwords, and then becoming flustered and then arrogant. That arrogance removed any feelings of sympathy people might have been inclined to accord her. One doddering MoonBat did ask a question trying to blame everything on GW Bush. I guess that ‘blame Bush’ mythology will live longer than “I was at Woodstock”.

So how rattled was Niki? After the debate I returned to my vehicle and unlimbered my drum. When she emerged with her groupies she walked over, somehow failing to recognize me – read the drumhead.  It says “Drum Tsongas OUT!!“. People watching were laughing at her as she was hustled away.

Next debate Wednesday night in Westford.

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

And a big Hat Tip to the nice folks at Mann Orchard who provided both the facility and wonderful hospitality.  They demonstrated involved citizenship.  Repay them by stopping by and thanking them, – and damnit – BUY something!

2 Responses to “Golnik KICKED Niki’s ASS tonight!!”

  1. Rabid Republican

    I sure wish I could have seen Niki looking at your drum. A picture would have been even better! rr

  2. Perplexed Senior

    Iron Mike,

    I couln’t have said it better myself (but I did say that), but Niki is Niki and Moonbats are Moonbats. A sign holder that I engaged had some doubts before the debate, but after her sputtering and muttering another Dem may have seen the light. I can’t wait until Wednesday and if only the people of the 5th could see this live, the outcome would not be in question.