Globe Swallows Ron Kaufman’s Bait!

Posted May 7th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Runs slanderous Mark Fisher $1 Million headline…Globe Takes Kaufman's Bait!
WHY IT FAILS ON IT’S FACE:    The poverty-stricken MassGOP doesn’t have $1 Million –  likely NEVER WILL!  Fisher knows this! 

Everybody in Massachusetts politics knows this.  So Fisher would never think of asking for money he knows they don’t have. He wants to be on the ballot – period!

But the Globe [now John Henry’s liberal mouthpiece] was happy to run with the bait – the bait strewn before them by State Committee RiNO Ed McGrath! Well done you turncoat scumbag, you’ve put another nail in the MassGOP coffin.

Hey Charlie Baker, – just how scared are you of an honest debate?

4 Responses to “Globe Swallows Ron Kaufman’s Bait!”

  1. sad4magop

    How could Fisher want $1mm to get off a ballot he is not yet even on? That MA GOP lawyer must be an idiot. Who responds to a settlement offer in writing! Only an idiot! Unless it was a ploy. Which of course it was. To make Fisher look bad. Who is more stupid. McGrath or the Globe?

  2. Vic

    Iron Mike, pardon my language, but how in the Hell does this help the down ticket races? What a bunch of clueless assholes we have in charge. Voters already think politicians are a bunch of lying swine as it is. Offer people some integrity for a change!!!!


    Can’t agree more Vic! These RiNOs have all but destroyed 2-party government here!

  3. Kojack

    It would have looked better for Fisher if he had gone on the Howie Carr show as requested to give his side of the story. Why has he not come out and denied these scurrilous accusations???????

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