Gilroy, O’Mara, Laureyns, Neiber, RIP Now!

Posted January 20th, 2017 by Iron Mike

11 Responses to “Gilroy, O’Mara, Laureyns, Neiber, RIP Now!”

  1. Rom Motta

    Can I get a Ay”Men?

  2. God Bless America

    My cousin Kevin and my Dad went to see the heavenly Father this past year too.

    All of these great people have a smile on their faces today.

    Thank you for remembering our friends Mike.

    God bless you Sir.

  3. Catherine

    They will indeed rest in peace now.

  4. Jim e

    I figure that when they got to heaven they delivered a compelling case to the Lord. A case about saving us, and our Republic. Today, their requests, and our prayers, were answered.

    RIP gentlemen, and lady.

  5. Mike N

    Agree with Jim – we have some Tea Party soldiers along side the Lord.

  6. Kim

    Amen! Thanks for thinking of them, Mike!

  7. Brad Wyatt

    Great Post – American Heroes!

  8. Jim Buba

    R.I.P. indeed, but the job is not finished.

    Get back to work!

  9. sad4magop

    Two guys that always put the country first.

  10. Blossom Stiefel

    We think of our dear friends often, their hard work, energy and encouragement pushed us to work harder for our great country.

    Tom Gilroy was a mentor for me, the “wind beneath my wings”. John O’Mara, a great man–they surely were working for us in heaven.

    President Donald Trump’s inauguration was the culmination of years of hard work. He became the messenger for Americans who were fed up with a Washington that didn’t work anymore.

    We will always be grateful for our wonderful friendships, and the beautiful memories that we keep with us of these great people.

  11. Ralphie boy

    It was a great day on
    January 20, 2017. All four
    Individuals worked tirelessly
    To see that our country begins
    The healing process.

    Remember that we began this journey
    back in 2009. As Tea Party leaders and
    members, we salute the great work
    and tireless time these folks devoted
    in helping to change the course and direction
    of this country.

    Our prayers go out to these 4 Patriots
    and may they RIP knowing they played
    a significant roll in helping real “hope
    and change.” God bless our country.

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